From My Sketchbook – Week 7

Lately, I’ve been working on mindful breathing and centering techniques.  The impetus for this has been my battle with performance anxiety in my “other profession” as a musician.  Although the physical manifestations of my nerves seem usually more palpable on stage (racing heart and shaky hands accompanied by negative thoughts), I have come to recognize that I’m often plagued with negative self-talk when I sit down to my drafting table as well.

As I mentioned in last week’s From My Sketchbook post, one of the situations that makes me anxious and doubtful as a visual artist is my ability is to sketch live subjects in public.  So, on Thursday I headed out to our local cafe with my sketchbook to face this fear over a latte. These sketches were an exercise in both mindful breathing and centering as I tried to capture the subject in just a few strokes. (Unfortunately, my Shaeffer fountain pen seemed to be running low on ink…not exactly conducive to a state of flow, but I persevered!)

couple talking in a cafe

Girl reading cell phone

Hope you’ll stay tuned for more….


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My Latest Illustration is Definitely Posh…

And a little spicy?

Posh Final for blog

Coming soon to my shop at Etsy!

(And in case you need proof that practice makes perfect – ok, I’ll admit I’m more comfortable saying “progress” – take a look at my earlier attempt.)


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Friday’s Thought – In the Moment

cup of Joe with pretty foam

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

(Omar Khayyam)

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My Favorite Things – A Walk with My Husband in Central Park

This year, I gave my husband one of those pedometer thingies for his birthday.  My hope was that he’d feel even more motivated (I have to say that since he reads my blog) to exercise.  The beauty is that he’s not only been exercising regularly now, but on occasion he asks me to go on walks with him, too!   Walking with my sweetie in  a city and a park I love – what could be better?

The daylight was beginning to wane as we set out today…

two shadows

And though our intent was to go at a brisk pace, my husband waited patiently while I stopped to snap a lone Snowdrop.

first Snow Drops of spring

Our destination was the Ladies Pavilion on the Lake

View of Central Park South through the gazebo

Before we turned around and headed home (for cocktails and appetizers!)

two shadows upside down

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From My Sketchbook – Week 6

As I’ve continued with my quest of creating daily fashion-oriented sketches, I’ve bumped up against some of my deep seated fears and insecurities.  While I’m not exactly an introvert, the thought of approaching a stranger and asking if I can sketch them fills me with nothing short of dread.  So, my “live” sketches so far have either been of people’s faces as they sat absorbed in their devices, or sketches of their backs.  Due to what I’ll just sum up as a lack of confidence, I also prefer to sketch unobserved by both the subject and others around me.  On the days when I haven’t sketched, it’s usually because I couldn’t find the requisite anonymity.  Even so, the process of trying to capture a pose in a few seconds or minutes has been very good for me.  Here’s one of my better attempts from this past week…

Girl with bag waiting for the subway

And I’ll confess that it did my confidence and artistic soul a world of good the other day when a young woman sitting near where I was sketching leaned over and said “You’re really good!”


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Friday’s Thought – A Biased One…

pink orchid

“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.”

(Christian Dior)

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My Favorite Things – The Colors of An Early Spring Thaw

After a particularly cold and snowy winter, the temperatures have turned a lot milder – even balmy – in the Big Apple.  As I walked home through Central Park today, I snapped these pictures.  As you can probably tell, I’m really eager for spring to arrive!

Red buds against a very blue sky.

red buds against blue sky

Earthy reflections in ponds of melted snow.

branches reflected in the water

And (hopefully) soon-to-be-budding trees reaching for the sky.

black branches against a blue sky


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