From My Sketchbook – Week 26

In addition to having quite a few subway commutes last week which provided me with ample opportunities for sketching, I had a number of short breaks during the first act of my Wicked shows in which to sketch.  Some of the sketches were from my imagination, like this one…

Surprised girl sketchWhile others were of colleagues around me.  One of the interesting people I’ve met since starting to sub with the show is clarinetist John Moses.  His profile just happens to be right in my line of vision when I’m sitting in the viola chair in the pit, so I did this quick colored pencil sketch of him during one of the shows.

Sketch of John Moses


And in case you’re interested, here’s a neat video clip of John which shows the stage door entrance to the Gerswhin Theater where Wicked has been running for the past 12 years, as well as what it’s like to be in the pit at the show. At the 1 minute 13 second mark, you’ll see John in profile as I do when I’m at the show…

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A Special Anniversary

Every anniversary should be special, but today just happens to be an extra special one since it’s my husband’s and my…

11th anniversary!

Which in my eyes is even more significant because we both happen to be in palindrome age years as well.   I’m 22 and he’s 33.  (Well, not exactly since that would have meant that our marriage was a punishable offense, but I think you get the picture.)   Add to the significance of all of those special numbers the fact that it’s supposed to be a full moon tonight and I think you’ll agree that today must be charmed.

The day got off to a lovely start, when my husband presented me with this gorgeous bouquet…

anniversary flowers

And we surprised each other with Skagen watches – and that’s without even knowing that the 11th anniversary gift is supposed to be steel.  (I just happened to look it up for the purposes of writing this blog post.)

His and hers Skagen watches

Lunch was at Robert Restaurant at the Museum of Arts and Design

Robert restaurant menu

Where our vantage point overlooked Columbus Circle up the south side of Central Park.

the view from our table at Robert Restaurant

table flower at Robert restaurant

the view from Robert Restaurant

I could have spent the day just looking at the view, but with food this magnificent our attention was quickly diverted.  (My Niçoise Salad looks five times bigger than my husband’s Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict but that’s just camera perspective, of course…)

Nicoise Salad at Robert Restaurant

Our entrees were followed by this divine Chocolate Mousse which we split. The two mini cakes were compliments of the pastry chef.

chocolate mousse dessert at Robert Restaurant

As we were polishing off the last bites, my husband noticed a sparkly looking person down on the circle.  To give you a perspective on his eagle eyes, I’ve added a yellow arrow to the photo to aid you in picking her out.

woman in tutu

(Thank God for my Panasonic Lumix’s zoom feature!)

woman in tutu waiting

Then, to our surprise, she began to dance…

woman dancing in white tutu

Woman dancing around the Columbus Circle fountain

woman twirling around the Columbus Circle fountain

Until she seemingly “bumped” into a passerby and he, too, joined in!

pair of dancers on Columbus Circle



And around the Circle they went…


ballet with backpack


Ta da

Here’s to celebrating love and happiness with a good dose of laughter!


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Friday’s Thought – A Reason to…

Celebrate girl for blog

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

(Oprah Winfrey)
(P.S. The greeting card version of the illustration above is now available here.)


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My Favorite Things – My Spanish Soap

watching velvet

But I’m not talking actual soap, (although I AM partial to this fragrant Spanish soap.)  No, by “soap” I’m referring to the TV show Velvet which has now entered into its 2nd season.  In fact, last night after making up a batch of popcorn, I watched two episodes back-to-back…and crawled into bed at 2 a.m.  Which I could do since my husband was out of town and I had the apartment (and remote) all to myself.  Velvet is a girly pleasure…filled with complicated love affairs, misunderstandings and lots of fashion.  Oh, and did I mention that several of the leading men are easy on the eyes, too?  Of course, I justify it all by telling myself that it’s part of my Spanish study and immersion.

Por supuesto!

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From My Sketchbook – Week 25

I’m back at it…well, that is, back at sketching people in the subway.  (I also sketched the conductor during one of the longer breaks in my Wicked show tonight, but that sketch isn’t good enough for “public consumption.” )

However, I think these two sketches are worth posting…

Sketch of girl in knit tank top

Sketch of woman in a black hat

You’ll notice that instead of using pen, this week I switched to black colored pencil.  I’m still aiming for the economy of line I was striving for with the black Sharpie pen, but I finding that I prefer the colored pencil since it allows for greater subtlety of shading.

What’s next?  Another 4 Wicked shows which means lots more subway rides.  Stay tuned…


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Friday’s Thought – In the Hammock

lying in the hammock

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”

(John Lubbock)

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My Favorite Things – Lake Living in New Hampshire

Though I love living in New York City, getting to escape to my mom’s cabin on Goose Pond is heaven on earth.

This is the place to sit and unwind…

looking at the lake

To take long walks…

Goose Pond Road

Smell the flowers…

blue hydrangea

And commune with nature.

orange butterfly on purple flowers

“Pick your own blueberries” are as close as the backyard…

single blueberry

(And local farm stands are just a short drive away.)

vegetable stand in Lebanon NH

In the evenings the entertainment consists of loon spotting…

two loons on Goose Pond

Loon kicking out its leg

And taking in the sunset.

Sunset on Goose Pond

My idea of paradise!


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