Friday’s Thought – Apropos of Halloween

Halloween Terrace on Upper West Side

“Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you’re scared to death.”

(Earl Wilson)

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My Favorite Things – All of a Sudden It’s Fall in Central Park

Yes, just like that.  A few days ago, when I went for a stroll through the park, all signs pointed to the impossible.  Could it be that it would remain forever summer?

New Yorker enjoying a warm day in Central Park

And yet, today the park was seemingly transformed! I invite you to come along on a virtual walk for a closer look.

leaves on grey stone walk

From the Pool just north of where we live…

Pond through the trees

Across the north end of the park…

heart shaped leaves with berries in the fall

To the Conservatory Garden

Conservatory garden and bench

Where you’ll come upon a riot of colors bright (and muted) upon which to feast your eyes!

red wild flowers against dark purple background

wild grasses in the fall

mums with bumble bee

colorful fall leaves in Central Park

red wild flowers

If water puts you in a reflective mood…

statues reflected in a pool

Then you can pause here to rest your feet, ponder your reflection and gaze at the water lilies.

Water lily

(Or, further south on The Lake,  you can rent a rowboat and take in the colors from afar.)

On the pond

With the rustle of the wind through the trees and the crunch of leaves underfoot you might just forget that you’re in the city!

Central Park West through the trees



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A Sneak Preview of the Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendar (Continued)

Nothing signals fall like some new duds, so you can probably guess which calendar month was in mind when I created this illustration…

Two Friends in September teaser

Of course, this is just a sneak peak of a portion of the illustration.  I’m keeping the full illustration under wraps until the calendar is ready to launch.  But more on that soon…


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A Sneak Preview of the Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendar (Continued)

I’m closing in on the finish line…only 3 1/2 more illustrations to go for the 2015 Joana Miranda Studio Calendar!  (In case you’re wondering, I’m counting the illustration that is laid out in pencil on my drafting board – but not yet rendered – as the half.)  The entire process of designing a calendar has been a thrill.  The challenge of coming up with an image that fits the particular characteristics of a certain month is actually more liberating than I thought it would be.  And I’ve found that thinking this way has also freed up my approach to creating backgrounds and scenes for my “fashionistas.”

Here are sneak peaks of portions of my most recently completed calendar illustrations.  I’m not giving away the months they represent, but I think you’ll agree that these aren’t winter months…

May Tango teaser

June Calendar Lobster Girl teaser

With any luck, the 1/2 illustration on my drafting table will turn into a fully completed illustration by tomorrow.  Stay tuned for a fun surprise (and thank you Tracy F. for the inspiration!)

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An Illustration Make-Over!

A few days ago, I posted this illustration “in-progress”:

March cab girl first draft watermarked

As I mentioned when I posted the version above, I wanted to redo “his” face as well as play around with some of my color choices.  As you’ll see below, I did those things.  You might also notice that a certain little dog is now curiously checking out what’s going on!  This illustration will be part of my 2015 Joana Miranda Studio Calendar, although I’m keeping the month assignment under wraps for now.

March cab girl redone watermarked

Like what you see?  Then come back tomorrow for a preview of yet another of my calendar illustrations!


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Friday’s Thought – A Nostalgic One

Bryant Park Carousel

“Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days.”

(Doug Larson)

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My Favorite Things – The Illustrations of Robyn Neild

Recently when I was browsing online for inspiration photos for an illustration, I came across a drawing by Fashion Illustrator Robyn Neild.  I was so taken with the image that I went sleuthing to learn more about her and her work.  With a clientele encompassing top magazines and publishers, fashion, cosmetics, animation and even TV, Robyn seems to have quite the enviable career.  But I’m even more in awe of her sense of line and the fabulous expressions on the faces of her “fashionistas.”

Take for example this simple, yet scrumptious illustration…

Illustration by Fashion Illustrator Robyn Neild

Illustration by Fashion Illustrator Robyn Neild

Or this comically fierce one!

Robyn Neild illustration

Illustration by Fashion Illustrator Robyn Neild

I’m certainly a fan…and if you want to see more of Robyn’s work, hop on over to her website here!


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