From My Sketchbook – Week 14

This week I was called in to observe a rehearsal at the ballet.  Although I was there for study purposes (and so needed to focus on the music), I was still able to squeeze in this quick sketch of one of the cellists before the rehearsal started…

Sketch of Hannah

(Hannah is incredibly talented, not to mention beautiful.  Check out her website here!)

Of course, my weekly sketchbook project post wouldn’t be complete without a subway rider sketch.  So here she is…

pretty girl on the subway


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This Thing We Call Life…

As the saying goes:

Life is what happens to us when we are busy making other plans.

Sometimes the “life” that happens is a wake-up call – some emergency or unforeseen event that makes us stop short and reassess our focus.  In some ways (though I don’t wish that kind of “life” on myself or anyone else) being forced to stop and be in the moment is a gift.  How much better, though, if we can learn to be in the moment as part of our daily routines.

Josephine meditates resized

Although I’ve been more mindful of late and have actually started trying to make meditation a daily part of my life, I still get caught up in living in “fast forward” mode – that is, feeling, thinking and hoping that something better is just around the corner.  The problem with this type of thinking is that when I do turn that corner, the enjoyment is short lived.  And to be honest, keeping up that kind of pace is exhausting and, ultimately, far from fulfilling.

I found that this article sums up my “condition” pretty aptly.  Perhaps some of you will also see yourselves in it and will benefit from the tips at the end, too.

Signing off now to contemplate my navel (and embrace its imperfections.)



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My Favorite Things – Cherries in the Big Apple

I can’t seem to get enough of the spring colors bursting forth around the city!  The cherry trees in the park  were at their peak this week, creating a riot of pinks and greens.

This is what I saw…

pink cherry blossoms in the sun

under the cherry trees

little fuschia flowers against a green forest background

puffy pink cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms and San Remo towers

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Friday’s Thought – Primary Colors

white and green tulips

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

(Pedro Calderon de la Barca)

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From My Sketchbook – Week 13

This week as I sketched, I challenged myself to focus more on bodies instead of just faces…

ink sketch of woman sitting in the subway

As well as trying to capture some men, too (that is, to draw them in my sketchbook – not hit them over the head and drag them home!)

quick ink sketch of man with beard

What’s on for next week?  Hope you’ll come back then to find out!

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The Learned One – New Whimsical “Bookworm” Illustration from Joana Miranda Studio

For all of you book lovers, here’s my latest illustration!

Available in my shop at Etsy as a print

The Learned One picture frame mockup

And in my shop at Society6 as a tote bag

The Learned One tote


The Learned One pillow

And even a clock!

The Learned One clock


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Friday’s Thought – Artfully Said

Upper West Side brownstone in the springtime


“Architecture is inhabited sculpture.”

(Constantin Brancusi)

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