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A Rainy Day Illustration (Work in Progress)

I worked on a new illustration today and was pleased with some elements, though not so pleased with others.   Since I don’t usually include men in my illustrations, I found myself struggling a bit with the expression on this one.  For the redo – yes, I’m planning to redo the illustration tomorrow – I’ve already enlisted my husband’s help with posing.  The color scheme also needs a bit of tweaking, but I’m not going to give away what I plan to do.

March Calendar prelim watermarked

 Hope you’ll stop back again soon to see my progress!

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A Sneak Preview of the Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendar (Continued)

I’ve been working on illustrations for the Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendar and have just put the finishing touches on other month.  Here’s a sneak peak…

April Calendar teaser final

Can’t wait for this calendar to go live?  Then check out my currently available illustrations here!


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Indian Summer – A Timely New Illustration from Joana Miranda Studio

Not sure if we’re having an “Indian Summer” this year or not.  But, judging from the fact that the strappy tan lines on my feet haven’t yet faded, I’m still optimistic…and am celebrating the spirit of late summer in my latest illustration!

Indian Summer with Trees cropped for blog

(You can purchase the greeting card version of this illustration here.)


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Tres Chic, Tres Loosey-Goosey…

I’m back!

Back working at my drafting table, that is.  And I decided to go a little more “loosey-goosey” with my approach today.  Instead of creating a line drawing and then rubbing the back with charcoal pencil for retracing and transferring the drawing, I did two quick pencil sketches…

Loosey Goosey sketches

Then laid a piece of marker paper over the second sketch and loosely traced it with a brush tip pen.  I decided to keep the color palette minimal, too, because I wanted to have just one pop of color (the red) contrasting with the delicate green of the trees.

I think she’s looking trés chic…

Ciao Bella for blog


What do you think?


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Channeling Edison – Part Two (A Success Story)

As promised, I’m back today with my redone “Love Letter to New York” illustration along with some tips on Copic rendering techniques.

For comparison purposes, here’s the old illustration…

Love letter to NY

And the new!

Love Letter to NY redone with stars and lighter yellow3 signed

You’ll notice that I not only broke up the blocks of grey with the shading (more on that below), but I also created some architectural interest and added a few chinks of sky (along with some stars!)  Josephine’s costume is more elegant and her features are softer, too.

Besides learning a thing or two about composition, my journey with this illustration has also taught me some successful ways to work with Copic Markers.

#1.  If you’re creating an illustration for print purposes (in this case, this design is for a new business card for MOI), you don’t need to render the original at a large size.  As you can see, I actually shrunk down my original line drawing so that I would have less area to color in…not to mention that it saved me on ink.  Woo hoo!

original illustration and resized version for comparison

#2. For the actual rendering techniques, I did a refresher art school course (oh wait, I didn’t go to art school!) by watching this helpful YouTube video on laying down initial color and blending with Copic Markers :

And, although I used grey from the same family of Cool Grey Copic markers as in the first illustration, I broadened the range of grey so that there would be more visual depth.

#3. I added light touches of white pencil (I used a Conté a Paris pencil since I don’t have a white gel pen) to bring out the highlights in Jo’s dress:

Detail of redone Love Letter to New York illustration

#4. I did the final details (i.e. adding the shadow underneath the ledge and adding the text) in my Corel Paint Shop Pro X5 photo editing program…

love letter to NY elbow redone

And that’s a wrap business card!


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Friday’s Thought – A Love Letter to New York

Love letter to NY




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Black Tie Affair – The Finished Illustration

This afternoon, with the sun streaming into our New York apartment, I sat at my drafting table and put the finishing touches on my latest illustration.  It was a balmy 65° out, but working on this illustration put me in a festive spirit.  Can you tell I’m looking forward to the holidays?

Black Tie Affair picture frame blog

(The greeting card version is now available in my Etsy shop!)


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