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My Favorite Things – A Moment in Time

Happy accidents of light and darkness…moments that caught my eye today.

A dark canopy frames the Beresford…

The Beresford as seen through the trees

While crisp blossoms obscure high rises in the distance.

flowering tree on the reservoir

Water drops glisten…

Fountain in Central Park(And X marks the spot!)

light in the trees

These are just a few moments in time!

reservoir at dusk

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My Favorite Things – A Luncheon in the Clouds

Yesterday I caught up with a good friend over lunch.  She suggested we meet at Robert, the ninth floor restaurant in Columbus Circle’s Museum of Arts and Design.

If you’re hurrying by the sleek facade of the Museum of Arts and Design, you could easily overlook this gem.

Museum of Art and Design at Columbus Circle

But if you’ve got good eyesight (or a zoom lens!) you’ll notice that that this restaurant on the southwest corner of Central Park has an incredible vantage point.

Photo of the restaurant Robert from the outside

 The menu is cheery and straight forward…

Robert wine menu

With clean and fresh flavors that are matched by the airy and light ambiance.

Restaurant Robert decor

orchid vases at restaurant Robert

I ordered the endive and apple salad with chicken…

Endive and apple salad with chicken at restaurant Robert

(And loved every bite!)

Tables by the window are booked weeks in advance…

View looking north from restaurant Robert

But even if you can’t nab one of those, you’ll still be guaranteed a great view!


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My Favorite Things – Cherries in the Big Apple

I can’t seem to get enough of the spring colors bursting forth around the city!  The cherry trees in the park  were at their peak this week, creating a riot of pinks and greens.

This is what I saw…

pink cherry blossoms in the sun

under the cherry trees

little fuschia flowers against a green forest background

puffy pink cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms and San Remo towers

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My Favorite Things – The Colors of Spring

After all…

“Color is the fruit of life.”

(Guillaume Apollinaire)

white flowers on bush

green leaves

vibrant blue flowers



snow drops

magnolia tree

Conservatory Garden in springtime

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My Favorite Things – The Windows and Doors of New Orleans

In addition to having a fascination with lampposts (you can see some of my lamppost posts here and here!), I also love to photograph doorways and windows.  This collection of photos was taken on my recent trip to New Orleans…and I find that each picture tells its own story.


Yellow wall with white arched doorway in Nola

orange wall and blue door in New Orleans

Window and flower boxes in New Orleans

Window grill in wall in New Orleans

Blue door with shutters in New Orleans

Old antique shop window in New Orleans

Green door with shutters in New Orleans


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My Favorite Things – Flower Power

I’m in Washington, D.C. on tour this week with the New York City Ballet at Kennedy Center.  Although the weather was gorgeous the day we arrived, it’s turned cloudy and cold ever since…which is not so bad when you have to be indoors rehearsing, but puts a definite damper on sightseeing! After hibernating in the hotel room this morning, I finally got up the courage to pile on some layers and go for a brisk walk.   And I was so glad I did.  The grey skies were the perfect foil for the vibrant blossoms that are bursting forth on many of the trees.

There was a softness to the statues…

magnolia blossoms framing two statues

And columns.

Magnolia blossoms against columns

Historic hotels looked majestic…

white cherry blossoms against stone building

And the crisp air was delicately perfumed.

magnolia blossoms

Just a tad romantic?  You bet!

white cherry blossoms


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My Favorite Things – Swamp Adventures

I spent a lot of this winter feeling swamped – with work, that is – so on my recent trip to New Orleans, it was fitting that we took time out for a trip to the swamp!

Paddling in two person kayaks and canoes, we made our way through ever narrowing channels…

in the swamp

Beneath moss-laden trees…

swamp trees

Into the heart of the swamp.  We were hoping to see alligators and didn’t have to wait long before we spotted our first one!


In fact, we came across at least five more throughout our journey!


(I think he was sorry I didn’t fall in…)


The activity wasn’t just in the water, though, but in the trees above us, too.  During our lunch break, we had a perfect view of a nest of bald eagles!

Bald Eagle baby

bald eagle spreading its wings

And when we turned around for the paddle home, a Barred Owl gave us a good looking over.


Far from the noise and merry-making of Bourbon Street, our swamp trip was a reflective oasis in a fun-packed week.



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