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My Favorite Things – My Spanish Soap

watching velvet

But I’m not talking actual soap, (although I AM partial to this fragrant Spanish soap.)  No, by “soap” I’m referring to the TV show Velvet which has now entered into its 2nd season.  In fact, last night after making up a batch of popcorn, I watched two episodes back-to-back…and crawled into bed at 2 a.m.  Which I could do since my husband was out of town and I had the apartment (and remote) all to myself.  Velvet is a girly pleasure…filled with complicated love affairs, misunderstandings and lots of fashion.  Oh, and did I mention that several of the leading men are easy on the eyes, too?  Of course, I justify it all by telling myself that it’s part of my Spanish study and immersion.

Por supuesto!

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My Favorite Things – Lake Living in New Hampshire

Though I love living in New York City, getting to escape to my mom’s cabin on Goose Pond is heaven on earth.

This is the place to sit and unwind…

looking at the lake

To take long walks…

Goose Pond Road

Smell the flowers…

blue hydrangea

And commune with nature.

orange butterfly on purple flowers

“Pick your own blueberries” are as close as the backyard…

single blueberry

(And local farm stands are just a short drive away.)

vegetable stand in Lebanon NH

In the evenings the entertainment consists of loon spotting…

two loons on Goose Pond

Loon kicking out its leg

And taking in the sunset.

Sunset on Goose Pond

My idea of paradise!


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My Favorite Things – An Alfresco Lunch at Mrs. London’s

No trip to Saratoga Springs, NY is complete without a visit to Mrs. London’s Boulangerie.  And if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll probably remember that I’ve photographed and written about the fabulous cakes and pastries here, here and here.  Although I’ve recently sworn off sugary foods (and alcohol), I was still the one pestering my husband for a Mrs. London’s date this week.  And so we went today for an alfresco lunch.

Our (unsweetened) peach ice teas were a refreshing start to the meal…

peach ice tea at Mrs. London's

And we split the decadent and delicious Roasted Chicken Panini as our main course.  (I got the extra olive.)

Roasted chicken sandwich at Mrs. Londons'

For dessert, I momentarily contemplated being healthy and getting a gluten-free bran muffin, but opted instead for this Almond/Hazelnut Glazed Croissant…which was buttery, flaky, sweet and oh-so-good!

glazed almond hazelnut croissant at Mrs. London's

Meanwhile, my husband exercised great restraint and passed on dessert…that is, until we passed the Plum Dandy frozen yogurt place.  (His version of Nirvana):

Plum Dandy frozen yogurt cup


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My Favorite Things – The Wildflower Garden at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center

I’ve fallen behind on my posts this week for two reasons:

1. It’s been a ten-service week for the New York City Ballet Orchestra at its summer home, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center


2. Torrential rains have put a kibosh on any outdoor photography.

But today we not only got out of rehearsal early, but the sun was shining!  So after lunch, I walked away from town back to the entrance to SPAC. SPAC Entrance

Why?  Because every time we drive into the park, I’m in awe of the fabulous wildflower garden on either side of the entrance…

Wildflower garden at SPAC

And I wanted to take a closer look at the sunflowers…



Pink Gerber Daisy

Ornamental grasses…

striped grasses

And fuzzy, lilac-like blooms.

fuzzy purple flower

The riot of colors…

riot of colors garden

Would make it seem like this garden is at its peak.  But there are still lots of buds waiting to burst…

green bud

As well as another 10 New York City Ballet shows to take in! (You can buy your tickets here).


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My Favorite Things – On the Pond

We just got back from a quick trip to New Hampshire to see my mom on the pond.  Which pond?  Where?

I invite you to pull up a chair and join me on a virtual tour.  

two red chairs on Goose Pond

To a pond that is as lovely in the sun…

diamonds on the water

As it is in the shade.

sunlight through the trees

A pond that looks just as pretty on a cloudy day…

across Goose Pond

As it does in the mist…

paddle boarding on the pond

And at dusk.

looking towards the dam

A pond where life slows down…

speed boat at the dock

And looking at the water is sufficient entertainment!

Goose Pond water

Goose Pond, New Hampshire


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My Favorite Things – Going to Fashion Illustration School (In My Living Room)

Yesterday I got a surprise package in the mail from my sister.  I had asked for a fashion illustration book by one of my favorite fashion illustrators, Robyn Neild.

My sister not only sent me that book, but two others!   3 Fashion Illustration How To Books

As I thumbed through Fashion Design Studio by Chris Hart

Drawing Hands with Chris Hart Fashion Design Studio book

Inside Fashion Design Studio by Chris Hart

It occurred to me I should tackle these books like a beginner…methodically and with the intention solely of learning rather than trying to produce.  My plan is to start with Chris Hart’s book and then move on to Fashion Doodles, and Fashionista Doodles by Robyn Neild.

What a treat to get to see Robyn’s luscious line work and imagine garments to complete the looks (hello swimsuit season!) Inside Fashion Doodles by Robyn Neild

And just what do I hope to accomplish with this self-directed back-to-basics “course”?

whimsical head sketch

Hmm…I guess I’ll find out!

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My Favorite Things – Furry Creatures

You wouldn’t believe it, but Block Island, RI is home to llamas…



pair of camels


And even an alpaca…

funny alpaca

(Or two!)

pair of alpacas

Now you might wonder how this is possible, but if you pay a visit to North Light Fibers, a working yarn and textile mini mill, all will become clear.  And since we’re speaking of yarn, keep in mind that it isn’t just for sweaters and mittens.  Meet Serafina the Ballerina my birthday bunny which was hand-knit for me this year by my sister.

Serafina the Ballerina

bunny doing the splits

That’s all folks!


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