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My Favorite Things – The Windows and Doors of New Orleans

In addition to having a fascination with lampposts (you can see some of my lamppost posts here and here!), I also love to photograph doorways and windows.  This collection of photos was taken on my recent trip to New Orleans…and I find that each picture tells its own story.


Yellow wall with white arched doorway in Nola

orange wall and blue door in New Orleans

Window and flower boxes in New Orleans

Window grill in wall in New Orleans

Blue door with shutters in New Orleans

Old antique shop window in New Orleans

Green door with shutters in New Orleans


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My Favorite Things – Flower Power

I’m in Washington, D.C. on tour this week with the New York City Ballet at Kennedy Center.  Although the weather was gorgeous the day we arrived, it’s turned cloudy and cold ever since…which is not so bad when you have to be indoors rehearsing, but puts a definite damper on sightseeing! After hibernating in the hotel room this morning, I finally got up the courage to pile on some layers and go for a brisk walk.   And I was so glad I did.  The grey skies were the perfect foil for the vibrant blossoms that are bursting forth on many of the trees.

There was a softness to the statues…

magnolia blossoms framing two statues

And columns.

Magnolia blossoms against columns

Historic hotels looked majestic…

white cherry blossoms against stone building

And the crisp air was delicately perfumed.

magnolia blossoms

Just a tad romantic?  You bet!

white cherry blossoms


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My Favorite Things – Swamp Adventures

I spent a lot of this winter feeling swamped – with work, that is – so on my recent trip to New Orleans, it was fitting that we took time out for a trip to the swamp!

Paddling in two person kayaks and canoes, we made our way through ever narrowing channels…

in the swamp

Beneath moss-laden trees…

swamp trees

Into the heart of the swamp.  We were hoping to see alligators and didn’t have to wait long before we spotted our first one!


In fact, we came across at least five more throughout our journey!


(I think he was sorry I didn’t fall in…)


The activity wasn’t just in the water, though, but in the trees above us, too.  During our lunch break, we had a perfect view of a nest of bald eagles!

Bald Eagle baby

bald eagle spreading its wings

And when we turned around for the paddle home, a Barred Owl gave us a good looking over.


Far from the noise and merry-making of Bourbon Street, our swamp trip was a reflective oasis in a fun-packed week.



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My Favorite Things – New Orleans Illuminated

I guess you could say that I have a fascination with light, lanterns and lampposts…and my recent week spent in New Orleans provided lots of photo ops to feed this obsession.

From plain…

Lantern against pastels

Lantern on pink wall

Green Lantern in Nola

To ornate.

Lanterns with scrolls on yellow wall

lanterns and Maison Dupuy

Lit day…

Lit lantern in New Orleans during the day

Into night.

floating lantern reflection

The lanterns cast shadows long…

Lantern and shadow against an old grey wall

Lanterns and shutters

red and blue contrasts with lantern and shadow

And short, yet ever present.

Lantern and reflection in late afternoon sun

This post is dedicated to the memory of my father.


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My Favorite Things – A Walk with My Husband in Central Park

This year, I gave my husband one of those pedometer thingies for his birthday.  My hope was that he’d feel even more motivated (I have to say that since he reads my blog) to exercise.  The beauty is that he’s not only been exercising regularly now, but on occasion he asks me to go on walks with him, too!   Walking with my sweetie in  a city and a park I love – what could be better?

The daylight was beginning to wane as we set out today…

two shadows

And though our intent was to go at a brisk pace, my husband waited patiently while I stopped to snap a lone Snowdrop.

first Snow Drops of spring

Our destination was the Ladies Pavilion on the Lake

View of Central Park South through the gazebo

Before we turned around and headed home (for cocktails and appetizers!)

two shadows upside down

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My Favorite Things – The Colors of An Early Spring Thaw

After a particularly cold and snowy winter, the temperatures have turned a lot milder – even balmy – in the Big Apple.  As I walked home through Central Park today, I snapped these pictures.  As you can probably tell, I’m really eager for spring to arrive!

Red buds against a very blue sky.

red buds against blue sky

Earthy reflections in ponds of melted snow.

branches reflected in the water

And (hopefully) soon-to-be-budding trees reaching for the sky.

black branches against a blue sky


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My Favorite Things – A Snow Day in the Big Apple

It’s been snowing all day in the city.  My afternoon student cancelled and, miracle of miracles, I also had no scheduled rehearsals or shows today…or any other reason to leave the house except to enjoy the beauty of the white stuff.

Although most people stayed in, there were a few pedestrians…

Woman in black with umbrella in the snow

As well as a handful of children sledding and frolicking in the park.

children playing in the snow.

Meanwhile, large expanses of the snow remained pristine.

snowy day in Central Park

The apartment buildings along Central Park West looked alternatively ghostly….

Central Park West in the snow2

Or like sugared confections.

Central Park West in the snow

While the lacy patterns of the snow-laden branches…

snowy branches

Were worth a second look.

two women in the snow

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