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A Wee Bit of Shameless Product Promotion…

Guess what?  My mom ordered one of my tote bags recently from my shop at Society6 (thanks, Mom!) and since I happen to be visiting her, I got to “try it on” today.

Here’s a closeup so that you can see how nice the printing looks…

Close up of The Practice Session tote bag

And a little farther away to give some perspective (this is the 16×16 sized tote.)

The Practice Session2

Take it to your music lesson, or to the gym…

The Practice Session Tote bag

With plenty of room, sturdy construction and the image printed on both sides, you’ll look good coming and going!

The Practice Session tote on chair


P.S.  Other designs are available as well.  Take a look here.

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The Boho Girl – Sumi Ink and Marker Illustration by Joana Miranda

She’s part Bohemian, part party girl…and definitely a free spirit.  What’s not to like?

Polly for blog


(This illustration is now available on totes, phone covers, pillows and more in my shop at Society6!)

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Keeping It Fresh – New Illustration Debuts!

My latest illustration has been an exercise in, well…

keeping it fresh!

Although I did quite a few versions of this illustration trying out different settings for Josephine and her little dog André (see below for an example)…

fruit stand

In the end, I decided Jo and André were just fine on their own, thank you very much.

By the way, if you’re environmently conscious like me, then this new tote is a must for your grocery runs!

Fresh Shopping Tote

(To purchase, please click here.)


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The Flapper – Sumi Ink Fashion Illustration by Joana Miranda

My newest fashionista is kicking up her heels over at my shop at Society6.  You can find her on tote bags, pillows, tees and more!

flapper tote


(For more details and to purchase, please click here.)

And to get free shipping on your order (valid until August 10th @ midnight, PDT) click here!


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Joana Miranda Studio Illustrations Now Available at Society6!

I’m delighted to announce that a (growing) collection of Joana Miranda Studio illustrations are now available on totes, mugs, pillows and other home accessories at Joana Miranda Studio at Society 6.  Here’s a sampling of the totes…

two tote bags

(Click here to purchase.)

And a shower curtain!

In the Tub shower curtain at Societ6

(Click here to purchase.)

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Seizing the Day, Fashionista Style…

What do you get when you put a fashionista in an artful print dress?

Why this of course!

Arte diem


(To purchase this greeting card, please click here.)


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Elegance is an Attitude – New Illustration from Joana Miranda Studio

I just put the finishing touches on my latest illustration and I’m really excited to post it!  This one was done using the ink blocking technique I tried on my last illustration (see here), although I used colored pencils for the outlines this time.  I love her elegant, yet soft look…and I so want her dress!

Antoinette for blog


(Coming soon to my shop at Etsy!)



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My Favorite Things – Drawing From Experience (Mine, and a Few Others, too!)

Since  Monday when I arrived back home from being away, I’ve been in a frenzy of activity at the drafting table.   I suppose there’s nothing like time and distance away from what you love to motivate you.  In my case, the time off has also given me some fresh perspective on my work.  One thing figurative artists are always after is dynamic movement.  With that in mind, I went in search of some good “gestural drawing” how-to videos online.  I was delighted to find this one, and highly recommend the other videos in the series.  Not only are Stan Prokopenko‘s videos clear, helpful and extremely well produced, but they’re also entertaining!

As a result, this week I’ve been warming up each day with a series of quick gestural drawings and I plan to continue to start my drawing sessions this way in the future.  Drawing in this manner is incredibly freeing and fun, and I’m already beginning to look at figures differently.  Today, in fact, as I walked the 4o blocks to the art store (I was multi-tasking getting in my workout) I studied each person I passed and imagined them being reduced to a gestural line drawing kinda like this…

gestural drawing

Of course, my finished illustrations are usually more fleshed out, but since I seem to be on a quest for simplifying my work, I also researched fashion illustration videos and found this fabulous (though not as professionally produced) free-hand fashion illustration demo:

Using the information in the video above, I worked on a new illustration.  Here’s what my step-by-step process looked like:

Step 1 -

Step 1

(Gestural line and blocks of color for skin and dress have been mapped out in marker.)

Step 2 – 

Step 2

(Green dress feathers and facial features are added.)

Step 3 – 

Step 3

(Tones in dress have been darkened and lines for hair are added.)

Unfortunately, I got so wrapped up in my work that I forgot to take a picture of some of the next steps  – outlining the figure and adding the final highlights.  Here, however, is the finished illustration!

Red headed beauty for blog

Like what you see?  Then come back for more tomorrow!


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A Demurely Dotty Departure (My Latest Illustration Takes Shape)

Today’s illustration was a departure of sorts for me.  Inspired by Donna Mehalko’s wonderful illustrations in this book (currently on my Amazon wish-list), I decided to start from a style board and then imagine a character and pose for the clothes.

This was the style board I chose.

blue polka dot dress board


Because I’ve been feeling like I need a drawing refresher of sorts, I went back to this wonderful illustration tutorial by Alfredo Cabrera.  Following his step-by-step instructions, I first created a “skeleton” outline for the figure made up of mostly geometric shapes.

(Pardon the faint image!)

skeleton sketch for illustration


And after fleshing out the details, this is what emerged!

polka dotted dress and chihuaha for blog




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Time Warp, or Maybe Just Beginner’s Luck?

I’ve always been envious of artists whose work is so free, yet assured, that they can create their originals in pen.

Take for example, the work of famed illustrator Rene Gruau:

Rene Gruau illustration

Being a risk-adverse type of person (not to mention that my initial attempts 3 years ago drawing with pen were beyond embarrassing – hello, Close Encounters of the Third Kind?), that kind of freedom has certainly eluded me.  In fact, I wrote in yesterday’s post that I expected to get good at drawing with pen in maybe…

40 years

But the seed was planted again in my brain.  Last night, just for fun, I took out my nice heavy-weight Borden & Riley Bristol Art papers (I have pads in 3 different weights) and doodled with my markers to see which weight was the best fit.   And, perhaps just to prove to myself that I shouldn’t even try to draw in pen, I doodled this “fashionista”…

doodle fashionista

Yes, it looks like her right foot is on backwards and that she has a dust bunny for a pet, but the whole exercise was oddly encouraging.  And today when I decided to continue the experiment, here’s what emerged…

Speechless for blog


Overnight success?  Beginner’s luck?  No.  (And certainly not when you consider that I’ve been creating fashion-based illustrations for the past 3 years!)

Proof that hard work and goal-setting works?

I’ll let you be the judge on that one….



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