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From My Sketchbook – Week 27

Over the past few years I’ve struggled to find the right words to describe my artwork.   “Whimsically fashion-based” is the closest I’ve come to describing what I’m after since neither the terms “fashion illustration” nor “cartoon” exactly apply. Works in progress? Perhaps, but that is the nature of creativity.  My end goal, however, has always been to make the viewer smile, laugh or feel amused somehow.  Call it a reflection of my own outlook on life or maybe just my survival technique, but I do feel that life goes a lot smoother if manners and a good dose of humor are applied.

Hold your beliefs lightly….

hold your beliefs lightly

(Because this option isn’t as pretty!)

open to discussion


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Friday’s Thought – A Reason to…

Celebrate girl for blog

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

(Oprah Winfrey)
(P.S. The greeting card version of the illustration above is now available here.)


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Keeping it Simple…

In the quest to create illustrations that are whimsical, upbeat and fun, I keep coming back to the need to keep things simple.  You’d think “simple” would be easy, but it’s actually not!

After hours of slaving at my drafting table today (ok, I’m exaggerating, but maybe not as much as you’d think!) here’s what emerged…

Cafe des Amis( By the way, I also joined Instagram today, so if you’d like to follow me there I’ve added an Instagram button to the sidebar of my blog. )


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Keep Calm and…Vacuum?

I figure if you have to do it, you might as well have a sense of humor about it!

Someone's Gotta Do It Girl cropped for blog

Truth be told, I actually find vacuuming to be calming.  Who knew?

(P.S.  This illustration is now available in my shop at Etsy.)

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From My Sketchbook – Week 13

This week as I sketched, I challenged myself to focus more on bodies instead of just faces…

ink sketch of woman sitting in the subway

As well as trying to capture some men, too (that is, to draw them in my sketchbook – not hit them over the head and drag them home!)

quick ink sketch of man with beard

What’s on for next week?  Hope you’ll come back then to find out!

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The Learned One – New Whimsical “Bookworm” Illustration from Joana Miranda Studio

For all of you book lovers, here’s my latest illustration!

Available in my shop at Etsy as a print

The Learned One picture frame mockup

And in my shop at Society6 as a tote bag

The Learned One tote


The Learned One pillow

And even a clock!

The Learned One clock


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From My Sketchbook – Week 12

Last week I had my bottom pretty much glued to the chair at my drafting table.   So, although I was constantly drawing, I didn’t have too many opportunities for real-life sketching.  But when I did finally venture out, I made sure to bring my sketchbook along.  The following two sketches  are the “bookends” for my sketching output for the week.

From 4/21…

ink sketch of lady walking

And from today (technically the start of a new week, but who’s counting?)…

Quick ink sketch of lady with glasses

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