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My Favorite Things – Walking Home Through Central Park On a Warm Fall Day

After my rehearsal finished today, I decided to walk home through Central Park.

The sky was spectacularly clear…

NY City castles in the sky

church on Central Park West

And the air was soft and warm.

pea pod tree

As I walked through the park, my eye was drawn to the rich colors…

dark blue berries in the fall

red, yellow and green in the fall

And the cheery yellow daisies.

yellow daisy

At the lagoon, I stopped to take in the view of Central Park South…

Central Park South in the fallAnd was drawn to the vibrant reds…

red berries in the fall

And greens of the berries in the surrounding trees and bushes.

green fall berries

The Beresford looked like a castle in the air…

The Beresford on a clear October day

And I felt a little like an enchanted princess!

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My Favorite Things – Morning, Noon and Night in New York City

 Yup, whether it be morning…

New World Trade Center in the fog



(Ok, this is actually a photo taken at dusk…)

Globe at Trump tower durinng sunset

Or, night…

silhouettes in front of a screen

There’s always something interesting to see in this city!

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My Favorite Things – A Room with a (Clean) View!

As much as I love, love New York, I don’t love the dust, grime and soot that comes with living in the city.  In fact, today as I breakfasted with a friend, we commiserated over how hard it is to really keep a NY apartment clean.   I told my friend about the dust “sweaters”  I discovered at the back of our bookshelves recently (just where does that dust come from and HOW does it get there!?) and my friend told me that she feels like she’s constantly vacuuming up balls of tumble weed in her apartment.

Even though I’ve done my best INSIDE the apartment, one area that’s been impossible to tackle is the outside of our 4th floor windows.  A few years ago I tried standing on a rung of the railing and leaning across with a mop to see how far I could reach.  The answer was not very (although my husband was very inspired to come out and yell at me!)

So imagine the anticipation I felt today knowing that our windows were finally going to be cleaned.

Here’s what they looked like from across the street…

balcony photo by Joana Miranda

And, at the start of their bath.

Windows in a NY apartment being cleaned

(Ewww!  With windows this dirty it’s a surprise we could tell the difference between night and day!)

Here they are just after they were finished…

Clean apartment windows

And my view early this evening!

Cleaned apartment windows view at night

So, if you happen to pass by and see me staring, don’t worry.  I’m just enjoying the view!

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My Favorite Things – The Park in the Spring

If you’re wondering when to visit New York, right now would be a good time!  In Central Park, trees are beginning to flower, the daffodils and forsythia are blooming and there is a gentle haze of color beginning to fill the horizon.

Today as I walked home from Columbus Circle, I saw:

The gentlest hints of white, green and yellow framed by dark tree branches…

spring tree in Central Park

A spectacular yellow magnolia…

yellow magnolia and tulips

Pink tulips amid Bleeding Heart plants and blue wild flowers…

tulips and wildflowers

Blazes of yellow forsythia…

Forsythia bushes in Central Park

The gleam of skyscrapers across the pond…

Looking towards the south end of Central Park

The first cherry blossoms…

cherry blossoms emerging

Tulips and daffodils near the Swedish Cottage…

wood fence and wildflowers

A city seemingly renewed…

Looking south in Central Park

Sweet miniature blossoms…

white flowers

 And verdant paths each step of the way!

Lamp post and flowering bushes


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Friday’s Thought – All in the Details

Stone carving on Art Deco building

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

(Charles Eames)


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Jo’s Journey (A Somewhat Irreverent Guide to Doing Anything Better): A Meaningful Ride

Every once in a while as I’m travelling around the city, I look at people around me and then imagine them gone.  (And, no, I’m not doing this on crowded subway trains when I’m wishing for an empty seat!)  Macabre as it sounds, this little shift in perspective usually leaves me with a sense of compassion and purpose.

Black and white photograph of Art Deco building with globe lanterns


Say a few more “I love you’s.”

Take the time to just listen.

Share a laugh.

Celebrate baby steps.

(And sympathize with the falls.)

Hold on to something dearly.

And know when to let go.

And, that I believe, is what makes the ride truly meaningful.


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Friday’s Thought – The Cost of Truth

Stupid Sofa Sign

“A taste for truth at any cost is a passion which spares nothing.”

(Albert Camus)


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