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My Favorite Things – A Moment in Time

Happy accidents of light and darkness…moments that caught my eye today.

A dark canopy frames the Beresford…

The Beresford as seen through the trees

While crisp blossoms obscure high rises in the distance.

flowering tree on the reservoir

Water drops glisten…

Fountain in Central Park(And X marks the spot!)

light in the trees

These are just a few moments in time!

reservoir at dusk

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My Favorite Things – A Luncheon in the Clouds

Yesterday I caught up with a good friend over lunch.  She suggested we meet at Robert, the ninth floor restaurant in Columbus Circle’s Museum of Arts and Design.

If you’re hurrying by the sleek facade of the Museum of Arts and Design, you could easily overlook this gem.

Museum of Art and Design at Columbus Circle

But if you’ve got good eyesight (or a zoom lens!) you’ll notice that that this restaurant on the southwest corner of Central Park has an incredible vantage point.

Photo of the restaurant Robert from the outside

 The menu is cheery and straight forward…

Robert wine menu

With clean and fresh flavors that are matched by the airy and light ambiance.

Restaurant Robert decor

orchid vases at restaurant Robert

I ordered the endive and apple salad with chicken…

Endive and apple salad with chicken at restaurant Robert

(And loved every bite!)

Tables by the window are booked weeks in advance…

View looking north from restaurant Robert

But even if you can’t nab one of those, you’ll still be guaranteed a great view!


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Friday’s Thought – Primary Colors

white and green tulips

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

(Pedro Calderon de la Barca)

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Friday’s Thought – Artfully Said

Upper West Side brownstone in the springtime


“Architecture is inhabited sculpture.”

(Constantin Brancusi)

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Friday’s Thought – In the Moment

cup of Joe with pretty foam

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

(Omar Khayyam)

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My Favorite Things – A Walk with My Husband in Central Park

This year, I gave my husband one of those pedometer thingies for his birthday.  My hope was that he’d feel even more motivated (I have to say that since he reads my blog) to exercise.  The beauty is that he’s not only been exercising regularly now, but on occasion he asks me to go on walks with him, too!   Walking with my sweetie in  a city and a park I love – what could be better?

The daylight was beginning to wane as we set out today…

two shadows

And though our intent was to go at a brisk pace, my husband waited patiently while I stopped to snap a lone Snowdrop.

first Snow Drops of spring

Our destination was the Ladies Pavilion on the Lake

View of Central Park South through the gazebo

Before we turned around and headed home (for cocktails and appetizers!)

two shadows upside down

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A Winter’s Tale…The 2015 Blizzard of New York

With the worst of the snow forecast to hit New York City after midnight tonight, my husband and I ventured into the park this afternoon to enjoy the quiet and the swirling snow.

snow storm Jan 2015

 (And it’s a good thing we did, too, since the city has now declared the park off limits – closed to the public from 6 p.m. on!)

If there is still a city outside my window tomorrow, I’ll be sure to snap a few shots so you can see what it looks like…


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