Stopping to smell the flowers…

I recently returned home from a trip to Saratoga, NY.  While I didn’t have a drafting table, good light or all of my art supplies at my disposal, I had the luxury of free time and several chances to take long ambling walks.  On one of my excursions, I came upon these flowers:

Flower garden in Saratoga
Flower garden in Saratoga, NY

Back in the hotel room that evening I did a quick sketch inspired by what I had seen:

Pencil Sketch for Lily Necklack by Joana Miranda
Pencil Sketch for Lily Necklace by Joana Miranda

And then got out my water color paints and gouache to render a more complete version:

Lily Necklace Rendering by Joana Miranda
Lily Necklace Rendering by Joana Miranda

My design features gold, platinum, enamel, invisible-set rubies, diamonds and amethysts.


  1. Pamela Frame

    Good grief! Watching your process makes me understand some kind of connection between the art and technique involved in both jewelry and your playing.

    Phew. It’s just beautiful.

    1. joanasjewelry

      Thanks, Pam! I guess all those years developing concentration and stamina in the practice room benefit me in other ways, too. I find it very gratifying to produce something that I can go back and look at over and over again…it is less fleeting than playing a beautiful B flat;-)

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