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A Design a Day – Day 3

Pencil and Gouache Ladybug Brooch Sketch by Joana Miranda

Pencil and Gouache Ladybug Brooch Sketch by Joana Miranda

Today’s design surrounds a creature near and dear to my heart.  Those who know me well know that I seem to have an abundance of ladybugs around me; I’ve been gifted with a ladybug luggage tag, a ladybug cell phone charm, a miniature Fabergé ladybug box, even a ladybug sink strainer, and the list goes on!   My friends and family show no signs of stopping this trend any time soon.   The reason?  In my native Portugal,  a “Joaninha” (literally, little Joana) means ladybug.

I’ve never seen a ladybug brooch that I thought was truly elegant, so I’ve come up with the design above.  Come back tomorrow to see the final color rendering and discover my choice of gemstones and metals.

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