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Spun Gold? A Closer Look at Florentine Finish

Jewelry Window in Italy

Jewelry Window in Italy

Two years ago on a trip to Rome and Venice, I found myself completely in awe of the jewelry I saw there.  In particular, I was taken with jewelry which looked to me as if it were made of spun gold thread.   Upon closer inspection (of the jewelry – I didn’t dare look at the price tags!) I learned that what I was seeing was a particular metal finishing technique called Florentine finish.  Most modern Florentine finishes involve a cross-hatch pattern (you can read about this here, as well as learn tips for repairing a piece of jewelry whose Florentine finish has worn away), but these pieces of jewelry were exemplary of the much more demanding Florentine finish technique where the engraved lines run parallel to each other.

While I can’t give credit to the designer of the pieces above since I don’t know who he or she is, I am happy to give credit to my mother, Sharon, who took the lovely picture.


  1. Teresa says

    Hi there,
    I just find this jewellery on the homepage of buccellati today! What a coincidence is it!! So you can find them on the page 74!
    I think buccellati is cool!
    Have fun!

    • Hi Teresa,

      Thanks so much for sending me the link to the Buccellati site! I love their jewelry and I’m delighted to see the pieces that use the finishing technique I described as “spun gold.”

      With all best wishes,

  2. nicole harf says

    i have adored florentine jewelry since i was a teenager in the 70s and am lucky enough to own several pieces. i hope to add to that soon. please send me mailings of your exquisite work. i hope to become a loyal customer. nicole harf

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thanks so much for your nice comment! I’m envious that you own Buccellati jewelry (or pieces with the Florentine finish). I find it totally elegant and oh-so-feminine. I am not making any jewelry these days, although I still do jewelry design work from time to time. My attention is mainly focused on creating illustrations and playful cartoons. You can subscribe to my blog (see the blog home page) or I’d love to add you to my mailing list. I send out updates somewhat sporadically, and never more than once a month. To subscribe, just click on the “Subscribe to my newsletter” link under the text “Your 15% off coupon is just a click away”. Here’s the link:

      With all best wishes,

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