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A Design a Day – Day 285 (Triple Pearl Earring)

I did this rendering in record time tonight – an accomplishment of sorts, too, since my contacts seem to be “gluey” of late and I was feeling like I couldn’t see very well.  Funny how the top pearl turned out to be one of the more realistic black pearls I’ve rendered…maybe its the power of imagination at work?

Colored Pencil and Gouache Rendering of White Metal Triple Pearl Earring by Joana Miranda

Colored Pencil and Gouache Rendering of White Metal and Triple Pearl Earring by Joana Miranda

This week is flying by again and I’m reminded of the importance of creating a daily time-table for myself…

and sticking to it!

Interestingly, when I do map out (in writing) how I’m going to spend my day, I feel like I accomplish a tremendous amount, AND I’m able to take pride at the end of the day in what I’ve done.  I don’t think I worked any less today, but because I was lurching from one “burning” task to another without the benefit of any written “map,” I ended up feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  Worse, at the end of the day, I wasn’t sure if I’d actually worked at all.

So, tomorrow I’ll go back to charting my day with the use of the Freelance Planner I downloaded (for free) from Charlie Gilkey’s Productive Flourishing website.

Do you have goals you want to meet tomorrow?  How will you structure your time?  What will you do to celebrate when you are finished?

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