Photo of Eminence Sun Defense PowderI don’t usually write about beauty products, but I’ve found one that is truly worth writing about.  In fact, I like it SO much, that I bought one for my mom and another for my husband.  (Yes, you read that right – my husband!)

As I’m approaching the twilight years of my…ahem…30s, I’ve noticed the occasional sun spot.  When I consulted with a dermatologist, she advised me to use “SPF 70” and sent me home with a generous bag full of goodies – sunscreen samples from some of the most recognized names in skin care.  I dutifully slathered myself with these creams for a period of three months, only to find that my face either smelled awful, looked clownishly white, or felt extremely greasy.  Imagine my horror, then, when a friend turned me onto the forward-thinking site Environmental Working Group,  and I learned that instead of doing something good for myself, I was slathering my face with chemicals that can actually cause even more damage than good!

I was faced with a dilemna:

Sun spots and potential skin cancer – vs – greasy, smelly, chalky skin and potential skin cancer.

(Not much of a choice, eh?)

When my husband and I went on our mini-vacation towards the end of August, I had a chance to consult with a facialist (what else do you do on a 2 1/2 day spa vacation?) and she turned me on to a mineral sunscreen made in Hungary called Eminence Sun Defense.   This powder goes on invisibly (I got the “0” shade, or translucent shade), provides the protection rating of SPF 30 (which is actually the highest rating that SPF has been proven to go), is scent-free, sweat and water-resistant, AND completely undetectable…hence no one will know if your husband is wearing it either!

In case you are interested in ordering it, I ordered from this great website and highly recommend them even though the shipping will take a little longer since they are located in Canada.  On the plus side, the slightly longer wait is well worth it; your order will be shipped along with a generous handful of luxurious and fun samples.


  1. Erin says:


    Do you still love this sunscreen? I’m thinking about getting some, finally…!

    –weirdly freckled Erin

  2. joana says:

    Hi Erin,

    I’ve continued using that sunscreen every day, regardless of whether I think I’ll be going outside or not. Because I got the “sheer” or neutral tint, I don’t notice I have anything on. My only caveat with getting the neutral tint is that it might be harder to see where you are applying it. Also, while the sunscreen comes in SPF 30 as the highest protection, I’ve still gotten a little color if I’ve been out all day in the sun (with no re-application). Obviously, wearing a hat and trying to keep out of the hottest sun is still smart;-)

    The powder has an almost imperceptible fragrance which I smell only if I stick my nose into the brush or if I press too hard and too much comes out. I don’t smell anything on my skin, though.

    I’m thinking of maybe getting the next tint in the line for summer – mostly so I can just be sure I’m applying it everywhere I need it!

    Hope this helps…
    🙂 Joana

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