By the time I headed out to exercise this afternoon, the clouds had rolled in and dusk was approaching.  In addition to my jump rope (jumping for 20 minutes feels remarkably easy now), I took my camera.  Here is a 3-picture time capsule of my adventures:

Apartment Window on Riverside Drive

Photo of NY skyline reflected in NY apt window by Joana Miranda

Riverside Park at Dusk

Photo of Riverside Park at Dusk by Joana Miranda

On my way back home via West End Ave., I found a really pretty window box I wanted to photograph.  Problem was, just as I started to shoot, two men came out of the doorway and were right in the way of my shot.  I waited patiently and tried to look like I was doing anything else but photographing their window box.  That didn’t work and I was noticed…

Man in the Yellow Shirt, calling out to me:  “Should I straighten my tie?”

Me: “Sure!  That would be great!  I’ll take your picture.”

And here was the result (a little blurry, but a triumph for me since I’m shy about taking strangers’ pictures!):

New Yorker in Yellow Shirt on West End Avenue

Photo of a Native New Yorker on West End Ave taken by Joana Mirand


  1. Pamela Frame says:

    Go, Joana! I ALWAYS get myself into those kinds of jams. It’s worth it, you have a new friend, and you got the photo.

    • Pamela Frame says:

      I’ve borrowed a Nikon D-80 for the weekend. I am very, very lucky! I’m still reading the manual. The reflection in the window is wonderful, and so is the Riverside Park photo. I miss it.

  2. Hi Pam,

    I’m looking forward to using my really nice camera in the city soon. I have a Canon Rebel XTi which I use for all of my jewelry photos (with the macro lens), but I haven’t used the regular lens much so far. Being in NY will be a great excuse.

    We have a new colleague/friend – a licensed artist – who mainly takes pictures of New Yorkers for his blog posts. He is way more brave that I’ll ever be, and as a result his blog is quite fun and “out there.” You can see it here:

    I owe you a regular email…need to get to that soon.
    🙂 Joana

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