Pen and Ink Computer Rendered "Josephine Ponders" Illustration by Joana MirandaWhile I’m not one for profanity, I’ll admit that last week kicked my butt.  In exactly 5 days, I packed an entire household of our belongings in Milwaukee.  I also shipped off a pair of earrings to a new client, finished making 3 pairs of earrings for a second client, and worked on some rough sketch designs for a third client.  As a result, my hands feel like sandpaper, my neck is sore, my muscles ache from lifting boxes, and I have several large bruises on my legs where I walked into furniture as I tried to rearrange our possessions neatly within the house.

Imagine my upset then, to arrive alone in NY City yesterday afternoon and discover that my plans for a short-term apartment (until our rental is finally available) had fallen through.  Not only was the prospect of titling my next blog post Homeless in the City unappealing, but schlepping two large suitcases and two carry-on bags to look for hotels around Manhattan was even worse.

Several phone calls and five flights later, I found myself safely ensconced in a little garret apartment…with no internet access.  So while thoughts of flinging alternately my computer, my cell phone or myself out the window did momentarily pass through my brain, I forced myself to sit down with pencil and paper.   As I drew I thought,

What would Josephine do?

She didn’t exactly answer me, but here I am making use of the delightful free internet access at the NY Public Library…

and the day is beautiful,

and I’m grateful that I can resurface on my blog again.

What’s next?  Catching up with my Empire Buildling Kit work and review posts, going for a long walk in the park, and maybe, just maybe, my first hot pretzel of the season.


  1. Hi Nina,

    Yes, she is indeedy!

    By the way, in addition to my other bench projects last week, I made sure to finish all the soldering work on your Aphrodite earrings. So regardless of whether or not I can solder here, those earrings will be ready (and reserved for you) when you want them.

    Off to find that pretzel now…
    🙂 Joana

  2. Pamela Frame says:

    Josephine would have tea and crumpets. In New York City she might have pretzels dipped in hot fudge sauce if she couldn’t find crumpets, because she is never flustered by the little wrinkles in her day. Later she would make a few phone calls to her old friends and everything would work out beautifully.

    • I’ll pass on those wise suggestions – especially the part about phone calls to old friends – to Josephine.

      She does tend to listen to me…;-)


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