After it snowed all day yesterday , this was the view from our balcony when we woke up this morning…

Photo of snowy New York balcony taken by Joana Miranda

And, the view across the street.Photo of gabled building on Upper West Side taken by Joana Miranda

Meanwhile, down below, a driver located her car…

Photo of woman shoveling out her car after a NY snowstorm taken by Joana Miranda

And started to extricate it.  (A shovel might be more useful.)

Photo of a woman digging out her car after a NY snowstorm, taken by Joana Miranda

While we ate breakfast, Central Park looked magical in the sunlight…

View of Central park from our balcony, photo taken by Joana Miranda

(Down below, she was still at it…)

Photo of woman digging out her car after a NY snowstorm, taken by Joana Miranda

Thankfully, help (with a shovel) finally arrived!

Two people dig out a car after a NY snowstorm, photo taken by Joana Miranda

I decided to be productive and run errands, and passed by the building next door…

Photo of snow-laden trees at 97th and Central Park West, taken by Joana Miranda

Followed this lady down the street…

Photo of walkway on Upper West Side, taken by Joana Miranda

while noticing the slumbering giants on the left…

Snow buried cars on Upper West Side, photo taken by Joana Miranda

and, this alien creature just beyond.

Photo of snow-buried moped, taken by Joana Miranda

On 95th, I felt like I stepped into Narnia…

Photo of brownstones on 95th, taken by Joana Miranda

Y?  Just because.

Photo of Y-shaped tree, taken by Joana Miranda

Along Central Park, a path had been cleared…

Snowy walkway along Central Park, photo taken by Joana Miranda

Yet the beauty was relatively undisturbed.

View of Central Park after a big snowfall, photo taken by Joana Miranda

I walked by a deserted playground…

Photo of snowy playground in Central Park, taken by Joana Miranda

And chose not to take this path, since it was already taken.

Photo of a man with his dog in Central Park, taken by Joana Miranda

This is New York!

Photo of snow-covered cab, taken by Joana Miranda


  1. Joanna says:

    Visiting from Etsy Paper’s blog thread…
    I’m in Northern Jersey and my neighborhood looks similar! I couldn’t see past the mounds of snow pulling out of the driveway this AM! The only way I can enjoy it is since I, too, don’t have to shovel.

    • Hi there Jojobean,

      I remember practically being in tears in WI last year when we got our 3rd or 4th snow storm of the season (and I had to shovel it all alone!) So, I feel entitled to be a little gleeful today. And, since we don’t even own a shovel anymore, I could look out the window today at the people trying to shovel out their cars without too much guilt.

      Stay warm!

  2. mom says:

    Fantastic, looks like a fairyland. If you don’t have to shovel it.
    The pictures are great – esp Y!!

  3. Helen Reich says:

    Looks a lot like home! Of course, we haven’t gotten nearly what you have, so far this winter. So far. There’s still plenty of opportunity. It really hasn’t been so unpleasant, just 2 or 3 inches at a time, every few days. Great pix!

    • Hi Helen,

      Wow, didn’t realize that Milwaukee is being spared the big stuff so far. Maybe it just follows me? I remember several back-breaking days of shoveling last winter (well, I also was doing our entire driveway on my own…)

      Hope you continue to have only the manageable stuff!
      🙂 Joana

    • And if it hasn’t turned to dirty slush…we’re now engaged in various forms of street ballet as we attempt to jump over all of the puddles!

      Be happy that you are spared the white stuff and that you can eat a pastelo de bacalhau and a travesseiro whenever you want to!

      Ciao –

  4. Leslie Shank says:

    Hi Joana!
    These are amazing pics! I always loved NYC in the snow when it forced people to slow down and look around. I can’t wait to see you in May, when the weather will surely be better!

    • Hi Leslie,

      Yes, I’m having fun getting out and taking pics and also enjoying the snow and NOT having to drive in it! Looking forward to seeing you in May, too! Perhaps it will be warm enough then for a cocktail on our balcony:-)


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