My Favorite Things – A Cookie, Chai and a Little Solitude

Today I was on a fool’s errand to try and sell some small diamonds in the diamond district…

Photo of the Diamond District at 47th Street, NY, taken by Joana Miranda

(Fool’s errand because in this neighborhood it’s who you know, how you walk the walk, and if you can talk the talk…)

Photo of diamond dealers on 47th St. taken by Joana Miranda

Needless to say, after having been politely dismissed by one vendor and belittled by another, I needed some consolation.

Photo of cookie and chai from Dean and Deluca taken by Joana Miranda

As I walked home in the frigid cold, I took the scenic route along Central Park West…

Photo of lamp post in Central Park taken by Joana Miranda

And was reminded that often the most beautiful things in the world cost the least money.

Photo of bridge in Central Park taken by Joana Miranda


  1. Pamela Frame

    Excellent vignette. I can picture this little episode, I know the diamond district well from the days when I worked at Radio City. During the short breaks between many, many shows we tried to occupy ourselves walking around that area. Your sequence of photos and the photo of Hassidim walking down a side street is very effective.

  2. Joana

    How many diamonds you got? You got five? Five? Are there five here? How much you want for them? Well, give me a figure. How much you want? You tell me. How much?! Where d’ya get that figure?! Oh, I see…you’re in the the industry. How many diamonds are here? Five? What’s your name? How many diamonds are here? What’s 40 divided by 5? You don’t know? You don’t know that?! They’re 8 pointers. You want that for these?! That’d be **** per carat. I’m not even gonna tell you what I’d give you since you’d be insulted.

    (Shaking head and handing back my diamonds).

    And so it went;-)

    1. Pamela Frame

      Helen makes a good point. Try working with the mirror first. Then call one of us and we’ll be the bad guys… this isn’t really in your nature Joana, so it’s just going to take a little extra work on your part. No giving in, though.

  3. Joana

    Hi Pam and Helen –

    (Hope you don’t mind that I’m writing to you both in this reply…) I’ve been practicing whipping out my “balls” since moving to NY;-); mostly it’s been useful at our local post office, since the ladies who man the counter behave like quite the Nazis. Actually, I am alternately on the war path there, or feeling like Robin Hood since I’ve now helped out a handful of elderly customers who are too scared to brave the counter, but are at a loss at the automated kiosk.

    To be honest, most of the New Yorkers I’ve encountered are lovely people and I’m very glad to be here with them.

    Standing up for myself, in general, still eludes me though. I’ll practice in front of the mirror as you suggest, Pam! Then I’ll call you guys!

    😉 Joana

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