(Or, at least when they are done like this!)


Photo of ornate doors in Spanish Harlem, taken by Joana Miranda


Photo of ornate windows and grille work in Spanish Harlem, taken by Joana Miranda

Fire Escapes…

Photo of ornate grille work on fire escapes up in Spanish Harlem, taken by Joana Miranda


Photo of ornate facade on building in Spanish Harlem, taken by Joana Miranda

A Frieze….

Photo of elegant gargoyle frieze on building in Spanish Harlem, taken by Joana Miranda

(All seen today on my little jaunt up to Spanish Harlem to get my viola adjusted by Stefan Bauni, instrument maker, repairer and restorer.)


  1. Pamela Frame says:

    Your photos are so refreshing. I love the light and crisp quality. I’m getting so used to seeing iPhone photos on Facebook that I’ve forgotten that photos can look like these.

    • joana says:

      Hi Pam,

      Thanks! I’m not a gadget person (relatively speaking 😉 so I still haven’t found a way to upload a great picture I took with my cell phone during the last major snowstorm. It was of an obese snowman…

      (I disabled the internet capabilities on our cell phones to cut costs, so I think I’m stuck with Mr. Snowman as a for-my-eyes only picture.)

      🙂 Joana

  2. I also love this kind of urban artwork.
    The fire escape photo is my favorite.
    Nice angle and great lights and shadows.
    You don’t need a internet service to upload photos from your phone.
    You just need a cable, most of the time it comes with the phone, and download the photo to your computer 🙂

    • Ola Pedro!

      Muito obrigada for the advice about the cable. I’m going to dig through my drawer of extra computer/misc. cables to see if I can find one that fits my phone.

      I’ve gotten woefully behind on my business work and blog this week because I’ve been working so much at the ballet. But hopefully next week I can breathe a little easier and do some serious catching up…not to mention getting back out to take some more pictures!

      Oh, and I have to get back to my daily Portuguese newspaper reading. Aack! Where does the time go?

      Ciao –

  3. Helen Reich says:

    New York is rich with this kind of beautiful old architecture. I never liked it when I was a child…..I thought it looked overblown, scary, and dirty, probably because most of the older buildings were covered with soot. I’ve overcome my old prejudices now!

    • Hi Helen,

      I wonder if the buildings were more dirty then? I remember seeing workers pressure-washing the walls of St. John’s Cathedral across from Yankee Hill when I first lived there and being surprised at how much brighter they looked (the walls, not the workers;-). I thought the building was just “old” – not dirty.

      Glad to see that you are doing so much with the Jason Seed ensemble! That’s very cool!

      I’m off to play another Swan Lake today, so I’m frantically trying to cram in about 4 hours’ worth of work in about 45 minutes…

      Ta ta –

  4. Erin H P says:

    Hi Joana! Have you tried to email the picture from your phone to yourself? I DON’T have internet on my phone, but I can still send pictures to email addresses…maybe give that a try, if you haven’t already :). Love looking at all your pictures!

    • Hi Erin,

      Thanks for your advice on the phone issue and for the help with the Prokofiev! I think I may have tried that fingering already, but I’m going to go back and look at the excerpt now and see if it helps.

      Any new culinary experiments and successes coming out of your kitchen recently? I made a Spanokopita yesterday, but used an olive oil spray to coat each layer of dough. The taste just isn’t the same as brushing on real butter. (Texture was a little dry, too.) Sigh.

      Now I’m off to get ready for another afternoon at the ballet…

      🙂 Joana

  5. mom says:

    wow, you had a nice walk! Such rich buildings, such great architectural detail.

    • Hi Ma,

      Most of that trip was in the subway – interesting in a way, too, because the subway went above ground at a certain point and the views were fabulous. The area around the violin shop IS pretty even though the store fronts are pretty poor and run down. I don’t think there is an uninteresting street in NY City, but I guess I’m a little prejudiced by my love for being here.


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