My Favorite Things, New York
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My Favorite Things – Rainy Sunday Edition

The rain has been coming down all day.  It was just the day for a movie with friends and then a quiet stroll home.  Here’s what I saw…

Buds reaching for the sky…

Photo of rose bud sculpture on Madison Ave., taken by Joana Miranda

and, nearer the earth, ladybugs busy at work.

Photo of base of flower sculpture along Madison Ave., taken by Joana Miranda

Along embassy row the flowers were a bit more forbidding…

Photo of ornate grille on embassy building taken by Joana Miranda

But, in the park love was blossoming.

Photo of Asian couple walking in the rain, taken by Joana Miranda

The fountain was empty, but there was enough water coming down to fill it.

Deserted Central Park fountain in the rain, photo taken by Joana Miranda

The buildings of Central Park West floated like a mirage above these red branches…

Photo of red branches in the rain, taken by Joana Miranda

And, she seemed to fit in here.

Photo of woman with large umbrella taken by Joana Miranda

Meanwhile, his umbrella was threatening to give up…

Photo of man walking in the rain with a broken umbrella, taken by Joana Miranda

And, this one joined umbrella heaven.

Photo of broken, discarded umbrella in NY city, taken by Joana Miranda

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”

(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

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  1. Ah, such wonderful pictures! So the rain moved in, and how!

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