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My Favorite Things – The Faces of New York

Have you ever gotten that funny feeling you’re being watched?  Stroll down any street in New York City, and you’ll probably be under the gaze (or menacing stare) of one of these faces.  Enjoy!

He’s looking out for Yoko Ono at the Dakota…

Photo of ornate face on fence outside the Dakota, taken by Joana Miranda

And maybe he’s not such a cowardly lion.

Photo of lion gargoyle taken by Joana Miranda

She’s got a lovely expression…

Photo of gentle looking female gargoyle on side of NY City building, taken by Joana Miranda

But he’s in a grouchy mood.

Photo of grouchy-looking male gargoyle on NY City building, taken by Joana Miranda

She just got her hair done…

Photo of gargoyle on Central Park West building, taken by Joana Miranda

And, this angel looks like he isn’t feeling too well.

Photo of angel on building frieze, taken by Joana Miranda

I wonder if she likes having serpents tangled around her neck…

Carving of woman with serpents on NY City building frieze, photo taken by Joana Miranda

But he’s got other things to think about!

Photo of angel on building frieze in NY City, taken by Joana Miranda

This face might be getting a peel, but for now he’s rockin’ away!

Wall art on NY City Upper West Side building, photo taken by Joana Miranda


  1. Well, you never know who’s looking. Now I really do have to wear a …

    : )

    • Obrigada, Pedro! I took some fun pictures in the subway tonight, only the lighting was terrible and I couldn’t find a setting with my little camera that worked well enough. There’s no substitute for seeing with your own eyes, I guess.

      Ate logo,

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