Last week I posted  a preliminary drawing entitled “Josephine and the Orchid.”  I’ve been working on revising and painting that drawing in various programs.  Along the way, I changed Josephine’s outfit and eliminated the extra scenery.  Here is the latest version I painted in Adobe Photoshop Elements…

"Josephine and the Green Chair" illustration by Joana Miranda

Please stay tuned as Josephine evolves and tries out new looks  (She is very thankful for your support!)


    • Hi Ed,

      Thanks for your nice comment! I miss you and Dale. How are things going? Have you had any more photography shows at Caggio’s?

      Ciao –

  1. Ed Sahagian-Allsopp says:

    Things are going well and no, I have not had any shows since Caggio. I broke my foot in June and was on the couch for months then on crutches. I have been walking normally for about a month and have even jogged a little so photo expeditions are soon to come. I have been devoting a lot of time to doing engineering drawings for Vanguard and completing their gallery space; we have an official opening on June 25th. I see that your Photoshop skills are as good as all of your other skills; I am very impressed by your sense of design and mastery of the skills used to express it.

    • joana says:

      Hi Ed,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your foot! You seem to have had your share of unfortunate accidents in the past couple years. Hopefully, only good luck (and perfect health) is in store for you now.

      Is the Vanguard company the same as the investing company or another business? I wish I could see what you’ve done with creating the gallery space!

      I keep plugging away at the Photoshop projects. The hardest thing for me is to sync up what I imagine I want to create with what comes out! Also, getting varied expressions on “Josephine’s” face is still a challenge. But I’m learning and growing, so that makes me happy.

      Please let me know if you ever come to NY! Would be nice to see you again 🙂


  2. Ed Sahagian-Allsopp says:

    Vangurd is our “Fine Art Bronze” foundry. The gallery will show client work as well as that of our owners and employees.

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