New York is a city of festivals, celebrations and parades.  Tonight as I was stepping out of the shower, I was startled to hear loud mournful singing.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that Jesus was passing by in front of our building!

Jesus on 97th Street…

Good Friday processional on 97th Street, Manhattan - taken by Joana Miranda

He was accompanied by whip-snapping Romans (and the escort of the NYPD)…

Start of the Good Friday procession on 97th Street - Photo taken by Joana Miranda

Down the street He went accompanied by the Faithful…

Photo of Good Friday procession on 97th Street - taken by Joana Miranda

(and the occasional taxi…)

Jesus and the taxi - photo taken by Joana Miranda

The procession included a car with roof-top speakers projecting the mournful lament and Stations of the Cross, and many more followers…


It was a moving spectacle. And then they were gone…

Good Friday procession making its way down 97th Street - photo taken by Joana Miranda


  1. ma says:

    well, you missed an opportunity – you could have run down and asked him what to do about the deficit. Or jobs creation. Or Libya. Or could he help me lose weight? Or could he get rid of Donald Trump and/or Mugabe?
    Gosh, next time!! Get your list ready!!

    • joana says:

      Hi Ma,

      Jesus was too busy, but he did tell me that your diet should be wafers (preferably the cardboard variety) and wine. 😉

      We bought some delicious caramel/toffee covered popcorn at Whole Foods this week…but I guess I shouldn’t tell you about that.

      Love you,

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