Just in Time for Easter – More Egg-Heads!

I went back to my friend Tom’s studio on Thursday for another marathon of egg decorating.  The weather was sublime and Tom had just bought some potted flowers for his terrace.

Tom’s terrace…

Photo of pots of spring flowers on terracotta terrace, taken by Joana Miranda

I made sure to take another picture of the view into Central Park so you could see the progress of spring greening…

Photo looking east into Central Park, taken by Joana Miranda

After tea and toast, we got to work.  Tom’s work table…

Photo of artistic workspace, taken by Joana Miranda

One of Tom’s first eggs that day was a clown so mine wouldn’t feel lonely…

Photo of cute clown egg with yellow pom-pom hair, taken by Joana Miranda

(What a pair of clowns!)

Photo of a pair of clown egg-heads, taken by Joana Miranda

Meanwhile, I was busy at work creating two more “glam” ladies to keep “fur-head lady” company…

Photo of 3 glamorous egg-head ladies created by Joana Miranda

Together with Tom’s ladies, we had quite a group of gossipers…

Photo of 5 glamorous egg-head ladies taken by Joana Miranda

The School Marm and Country Parson (Tom’s creations from a previous year) disapproved of all the noise…

Photo of School Marm and Country Parson decorated egg-heads, taken by Joana Miranda

Sometime around 3, my husband called to see if I was ever coming home.  Before he hung up, he said I should make a “conductor” egg.   Here is The Conductor (left) joined by The Chef and The Country Parson (Tom’s eggs from previous years)…

Trio of male egg-heads, photo taken by Joana Miranda

It was getting late, so Tom and I decided to assemble the crowd for photos. There was a bit of pushing and shoving as some of the older egg-heads from previous years tried to get in on the action…

Photo of mob of egg-heads trying to get in line to be photographed

Fortunately, we were able to restore order…

Photo of crowd of egg-heads taken by Joana Miranda

And, also get some individual shots.  Here’s Tom at work with his camera for a closeup of one of my glam lady eggs…

Photograph of photographer at work, taken by Joana Miranda

Meanwhile, I was having fun with the props.  (Note the hair extension and clip-on earrings)…

Photograph of Joana in the artist's studio

(I also modeled one of Tom’s Easter hats, which I thought went marvelously well with the orange cone clip-on earrings…)

Photo of Easter hat adorned with decorated Easter eggs

The egg-head ladies wanted their own group photo, but of course The Conductor jumped in to be part of the action…

Photo of 8 egg-heads, taken by Joana Miranda

Here’s the entire gang together for a final shot (note Tom’s Baseball Egg-Head with One Shoe. That will adorn a hat this Easter for Don)…

11 egg-heads decorated for Easter, photo taken by Joana Miranda


    1. Joana

      Maybe I’ll be able to do a repeat someday here with all of my artist friends. That said, it would probably take me a lifetime to amass as many “doodads” as my friend Tom has in his studio. The little hats, glittery buttons, lace, ribbons, pens, paint, feathers and fur all provided inspiration!

      🙂 Joana

  1. nina

    Imagine my surprise at seeing the conductor jumping into the photo with the ladies! (note the use of the sarcasm font….)


    1. Joana

      Duly noted!;-)

      At least my conductor seems to have eyes only for me…

      Did you have a nice Easter? Any opera performances coming up?

      Ciao –

      1. nina

        Thankfully, the opera season is done for the year! The last month was rough – Wuthering Heights was a long show, and we were workshopping next year’s premiere at the same time. We had 4 rehearsals (3 hours) and 5 performances (the same) in the space of 8 days – plus teaching, etc. I am still exhausted.

        1. joana

          Hi Nina,

          That schedule DOES sound exhausting. I think I’m having the “spring blues”…all I want to do is be on vacation. Suddenly, nothing seems more important than lying around. 😉 For someone who rarely takes a day off, this feeling has me all discombobulated…

          (But I also remember that I get this way in the spring every year, and then the lethargy passes and I get back to work.)

          Hope you’ve been getting some rest!

          🙂 Joana

    1. Joana

      Oui, oui!

      Actually, the beret makes him look more like a painter or poet than a conductor, but I needed something to cover up his egg head;-)

      Ciao –

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