My Favorite Things, New York
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My Favorite Things – Out and About; the Wild and Wacky in New York City

Sometimes, all good manners aside, I  just can’t resist taking a picture of that odd or funny sight.  Most often, these moments involve people and their idiosyncrasies.  Here are some of my favorites seen out and about this spring in the city.

On a train to Connecticut on Easter (perhaps this was her Easter bonnet?)…

Photo of woman wearing rollers in her hair on train to CT, taken by Joana Miranda

And, in Central Park, a man communed with nature…

Photo of man in a rowboat looking at an egret, taken by Joana Miranda

(Let’s take a closer look…)

Photo of man with afro and cigarette hanging out of his mouth, taken by Joana Miranda

High-maintenance starts early for some…

Photo of girl with sunglasses in stroller, taken by Joana Miranda

(Not sure what kind of maintenance this look required, though)…

Photo of colorfully dressed girl with neon green hair, taken by Joana Miranda

The kids thought they were at Disneyland.  He was just at his day job recruiting for Chase Bank…

Photo of kids posing with Chase Dog, taken by Joana Miranda

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