With the summer weather arriving, every corner seems to have someone selling something you may (or may not) need.  Here is a sampling of my favorites:

Eat your fruit…

Fruit stand on Broadway in Manhattan, photo taken by Joana Miranda

(This stand looks mighty appealing, too!)

Photo of fruit stand in New York City, taken by Joana Miranda

Browse for a book…

Book vendor on Broadway in Manhattan, photo taken by Joana Miranda

And block those rays with a good hat.

Photo of hat stand vendor in Manhattan, taken by Joana Miranda

A woman’s gotta accessorize…

Photo of lady looking at jewelry for sale at street vendor in NYC, taken by Joana Miranda

(And this seller even brought her own Polynesian umbrella!)

Photo of jewelry vendor underneath straw umbrella in NYC, taken by Joana Miranda

If you’re hungry, there’s nothing like a hot dog or pretzel (I think he’s even selling one to the bus driver!)

Photo of hot dog vendor in NYC, taken by Joana Miranda

Capped off with some refreshing ice-cream!

Photo of ice-cream vendor on Central Park West, taken by Joana Miranda



  1. bailey heim says:

    hi i was in new york last month and saw the same jewelry vendor there and loved the pieces they offered! I was wondering if you knew the name of the designer or where they got the jewelry from?

    thanks, Bailey

    • Hi Bailey,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of the jewelry designers (I was too shy to actually approach the vendors I photographed that day.) However, both were on Broadway in the 79th-85th Street areas. If you come back to NY, I’d bet that the same vendors would be in those locations. If I DO see them again, I’ll take a closer look and try to find out more information for you.

      With all best wishes,

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