Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to be out walking on a beautiful sunny day.  Add beautiful architecture and a flower or two, and I’m in heaven!

Pink and purple hydrangeas peep out from behind an iron railing…

Pink and purple hydrangea in an Upper West Side garden, photo taken by Joana Miranda

This old, green french door has a mysterious and romantic air…

Photo of old green french doors on Upper West Side brownstone, photo taken by Joana Miranda

I could live here!  

Photo of ornate bay window on Upper West Side brownstone, taken by Joana Miranda

(Or here.)

Photo of green vines climbing up Upper West Side ornate window, photo taken by Joana Miranda

White, brown or grey – every one of the brownstones of the Upper West Side has its own character and charm!

Photo of purple hydrangea against an orange Upper West Side Brownstone, taken by Joana Miranda


  1. Helen Reich says:

    I love these….I think I might even recognize picture #3. It looks like something I used to admire on Riverside Drive.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      I’m pretty sure that window WAS on Riverside Drive….shh, don’t tell! I “raided” my picture files to find another window for this post since I like to post odd numbers of photos.

      I’ve gotten my first 12 bug bites of the summer. About 8 of them are on one foot and I’m in agony. I guess I’m still tasty in my old age! 😉


  2. We love when people keep their Upper West Side facades well kept. There’s nothing more beautiful than window boxes in bloom during the spring! Beautiful shots, Joanna!

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