In the Hammock – Pencil and Watercolor Illustration by Joana Miranda

Pencil and watercolor illustration of girl in a hammock by Joana Miranda


    1. joanasjewelry

      Ola Pedro,

      We, too, have a nice hammock, but it’s in our closet in NY since we don’t have any garden or trees from which to hang it:-( Someday….

      What types of things do you grow in your jardim? Do you fruit trees? Herbs?

      Ciao –

    1. joana

      Hi Pam,

      Thanks so much for telling me! Hopefully, it wasn’t a rainy mood…

      How are you doing? Have you been making jewelry and selling at fairs this summer? Are you surviving the heat wave ok? We just got back to NY city where it’s 104 outside (and probably 90 inside – our air conditioners are a little weak…)

      Ciao –

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