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Josephine Gets Ready for the Cruise – Original Watercolor Illustration by Joana Miranda

It was still a month away, but Josephine’s bags were packed and she was ready to go!

Watercolor illustration "Josephine Gets Ready for the Cruise" by Joana Miranda


    • Andy and I are going for our first cruise ever…Josephine might sneak into my suitcase for the trip since we didn’t buy her a ticket. (Shh, don’t tell her.)

      The cruise goes up the Eastern seaboard to Canada and back. Can’t wait!

      Have you ever cruised?

      🙂 Joana

      • nina says

        I have never cruised – wouldn’t be my style. I have gone to the cloisters though!

        Have a great time. Josephine will fit very well into your suitcase, sort of like a lap-child doesn’t need a plane ticket.


        • Hi Nina,

          I’m thinking maybe I can eat for Josephine, too;-) From what I hear, there is a LOT of food on cruise ships…

          When were you at the Cloisters? When were you in NYC?

          Ciao –

          • nina says

            I visited the Cloisters in 1984 – I visited NYC as a college senior. My cousin was dancing at Julliard, and I got to see her work at the same time!

            I suggest that you don’t eat for Josephine – from what I hear, the whole eating for 2 during pregnancy is a myth, so eating for two as the creative source isn’t going to work either. 🙂

            • Hi Nina,

              I’ve been eating for Josephine this week…sort of staving off the loneliness since my husband is away. Of course, rolling around the apartment with a Buddha belly doesn’t exactly work to bring him back any sooner. Sigh.

              I didn’t know you had a cousin who was a dancer. Does she still dance?

              1984 is a LONG time ago – I think you need to come back to NYC soon!

              🙂 Joana

    • Ola Pedro,

      Josephine’s TRYING to stay cool since it’s so damn hot here! The cruise can’t come soon enough, but it’s still about 3 weeks away.

      (Ideally, if we could, we’d be cruising across the Atlantic to Portugal…I’d love to be up in the mountains of Sintra eating queijadas just about now.)

      Ciao –

    • Thanks, Helen! I’m making progress (I think), although today I wailed to Andy “What if I’m only a one-hit wonder?!”

      He just rolled his eyes…;-)

      Hope you are doing well!

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