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My Favorite Things – A Visit to the Cloisters Museum in Fort Tryon Park

My husband and I have been meaning to visit the Cloisters Museum – a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of art devoted to the art of Medieval Europe –  for over a year now.  However, since the bus ride up to Fort Tryon Park is a long one from where we live, each time we’ve set out, we’ve realized that we haven’t allowed enough time for a proper visit.  Finally, last week, on a glorious sunny and relatively cool day, we got ourselves to the bus stop with plenty of time for both the trip and a leisurely visit to the museum.

The welcome cool and quiet of the grounds was well worth the trip!

Photo of arched doorways at Cloister Museum in Fort Tryon Park, taken by Joana Miranda

After an enjoyable lunch at the café bordering the museum’s Trie Cloister Garden (you can see many of the same plants “blooming” in the museum’s exquisite tapestries), we made our way to the Bonnefont Cloister Herb Garden, where a mix of fruit trees and herbs recall those most commonly found in the monastery gardens of Medieval times.

Photo of steeple overlooking Bonnefont Cloister Garden at Cloisters Museum, taken by Joana Miranda

The shady trees…

Photo of old quince tree at Cloisters Museum, taken by Joana Miranda

Were full of just-ripening quinces.

Photo of quince fruit hanging from tree, taken by Joana Miranda


Photo of thistle, taken by Joana Miranda

And limes were a feast for the eyes!

Photo of limes on a tree, taken by Joana Miranda

Back inside, we paused to admire these two saintly reliquaries (and read that busts like these were often purported to contain the saint’s brain.)

Photo of two saintly reliquaries at the Cloisters Museum, taken by Joana Miranda

He looked jolly, so we went into the chapel.

Photo of stone statue standing sentry at Cloister's Museum chapel, taken by Joana Miranda

Further on, we stopped to admire these chairs…

Photo of two medieval chairs at Cloisters Museum, taken by Joana Miranda

Before entering the Unicorn Tapestry room. (My pictures do these tapestries little justice; you’ll just have to come see for yourself!)

Photo of unicorn tapestry at Cloisters Museum, taken by Joana Miranda

Photo of unicorn tapestry at Cloisters Museum, taken by Joana Miranda

A final stroll around the gardens ended our visit, but we’re sure to be back soon!

Photo of bee garden at Cloisters Museum, taken by Joana Miranda


  1. wonderful pix! Esp the quince! I gotta put that one on a plate or something.

    Yup, gotta get there w/ you, one of these days…
    love, la mammma

  2. Hi Ma,

    I think you’d enjoy the museum. Apparently, one of the best times for the gardens (at least the Trie garden) is early spring. The monastery garden was definitely going strong when we were there, though. Those quince will probably we full grown in mid-to-late August.

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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