Being primarily land-bound creatures, it’s easy to forget that another world exists at sea.   Here is a collection of my favorite pictures taken last week at sea aboard the Caribbean Princess cruise ship.

Upon our departure, Hurricane Irene blanketed the Statue of Liberty…

Photo of Statue of Liberty blanketed by green fog of Hurricane Irene, taken by Joana Miranda

And enveloped Governor’s Island and lower Manhattan in a green haze.  Now you see it…

Photo of Governor's Island, NY and lower Manhattan in Hurricane Irene, taken by Joana Miranda

Now you don’t!

Photo of lower Manhattan enveloped in Hurricane Irene, taken by Joana Miranda

Two days later, sailing away from Canada, this lighthouse looked like a mirage…

Photo of lighthouse on island sparkling in the sunlight, taken by Joana Miranda

And on calmer seas in Bar Harbor, Maine, a schooner slipped out of the harbor.

Photo of schooner sailing off the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine, taken by Joana Miranda

From our balcony onboard the cruise ship, the passing sailboats were gossamer toys…

Photo of sailboat in the sunset, taken by Joana Miranda

The Newport, RI mansions took on an enchanted air…  

Photo of mansion on bluff in Newport, RI, taken by Joana Miranda

And I watched this lone sailboat disappear into the sunset.

Photo of spectacular sunset at sea, taken by Joana Miranda


    • Joana says:

      Ok, I will; although the next ones are going to be a special showing just for family (that’s you!)

      Love, J

    • Joana says:

      Thanks, Helen! I spent the evening tonight down in the meat packing district enjoying “Fashion Night Out.” Got some interesting pictures which I’ll be posting soon…and tomorrow I’m headed to Lincoln Center for Year 2 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week photo snapping. God, has a year already gone by?!

      Ciao –

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