I’ve been craving doughnuts…a lot.

It’s odd, because I’m really not a doughnut fan.  In fact, the last doughnuts I ate were when I was a teenager.  Back then, as part of our periodic trips to the orthodontist, my mom used to reward my sister and me with a visit to the local doughnut bakery.  On one of those trips, I think I must have eaten one too many.

So why have I all of a sudden found myself craving doughnuts?  Maybe it’s because the air is turning cooler…or because I’ve been making an effort to eat a lot less sugar in my diet.  In any case, when I saw NY’s Doughnut Plant profiled on the Food Network, I became a woman on a mission.  (Take a look below and you’ll probably understand why.)

Yesterday, I corralled my husband onto that mission and we ventured to the south end of Manhattan seeking out the Doughnut Plant.

With a slightly end of the street/end of the island feel, the teeny building wasn’t much to look at.

Photo of NY's Doughnut Plant, taken by Joana Miranda

(Although the chalk-board menu announcing the day’s flavors in English and Chinese was more interesting.)

Photo of daily chalk-board doughnut menu at the Doughnut Plant, taken by Joana Miranda

Smaller inside than I somehow expected (isn’t a “plant” supposed to be big?), it didn’t really matter because all I had eyes for were these…

Photo of cake doughnuts at Doughnut Plant, taken by Joana Miranda

And these.

Photo of yeast doughnuts at the Doughnut Plant, taken by Joana Miranda

We opted for a cake doughnut each.  My husband chose the cinnamon sugar…

Photo of cinnamon sugar doughnut taken by Joana Miranda

And I gulped down a raspberry doughnut made with raspberries from the local farmer’s market (note the little seeds in the glaze.)

Photo of raspberry cake doughnut from Doughnut Plant, taken by Joana Miranda

With nowhere to sit inside, we squished together on the sole skinny wooden bench outside in the sun  and devoured our doughnuts.  How were they?  So delicious I would have gotten another, but my husband was the voice of reason.  Sigh!


  1. ma says:

    oh how I drooled. Mine *would have been* the creme brulee doughnut. I gained 5 lbs just watching the video.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Ma,

      I don’t think the creme brulee doughnut was available the day we were there. I’ve heard that the best doughnuts are the “cake” doughnuts which is why we went that route instead of getting a yeast doughnut. But the yeast doughnuts were BIGGER and I was sorely tempted.;-)

      The Doughnut Plant is pretty near Chinatown, so we could make a detour there when you come…

      Love, Joana

    • Joana says:

      Ola Pedro,

      Oh no! You can’t see the video? Don’t know if this helps, but here is the non-embedded address for the Youtube video I posted:


      Can you see Youtube videos online in Portugal? Do you use Google to conduct internet searches? If so, you can also try typing in “doughnut plant” and “food network” in the search bar and then scroll down to the videos.

      Hope that helps. If nothing else, you’ll have yet another place to put on your NY-to-do-list for when you and Teresa visit![?]

      Ciao – Joana

      • Hi Joana,

        The You Tube “Food Network TV’s Channel” is not available in Portugal. They have the following message: “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”
        Maybe they’re afraid that we eat all the donuts 🙂

        • Joana says:

          Hmmm, could be, except that most Portuguese pastries certainly would give doughnuts a run for the money. On that subject, are there doughnuts in Portugal? Fried sugared dough (lassos Chines and rosettes) aren’t that far in concept to a doughnut; in fact, I like them almost better since they aren’t as heavy.

          Ciao – Joana

  2. Marta says:

    Only in NYC. It totally beats those cream-filled and chocolate glazed donuts in Lakewood, although I still remember those outings fondly. Nothing like eating a donut after having one’s braces tightened!

    • Joana says:

      Hi Marta,

      I’m still partial to chocolate glazed doughnuts. I don’t like the airy cream-filled ones…give me dense chocolate any day.

      Have you ever tried making doughnuts? Might be fun… Love, J

  3. nina says:


    I am sorely tempted to invite myself to New York and have you be my tour guide. I’ll pay the museum entry fees and buy the doughnuts – you navigate and narrate!

    • Joana says:

      Love your idea! Come visit and I’ll be happy to be your tour guide. I could spend every day out and about in the city…in fact, I DO a lot of the time!

      Ciao – Joana

  4. Laurilyn Butin says:


    I loved taking a peek at all of your stuff. Why do some people (like you) have all the talent. I just loved what I saw and how it made me feel. Rather than gushing and gushing about it, I’ll just need to call you soon.

    Aloha! Laurilyn (Lalalina)

    • Joana says:

      Hi Lalalina,

      Hmmm…seems like you don’t lack anything in the talent department (or in the brains or beauty departments, either!) I do miss our walks, gabs and laugh fests, and wish you were nearer. Sasha M. is now making a go of living in the city and we had lunch the other day. I’m trying to help him get connected here in any way I can. Why don’t you guys move here, too?

      Hope to talk soon!
      xox -Joana

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