Why is it that every year the colors of fall take me by surprise?  You’d think that the excitement of seeing another yellow or red leaf would be “old hat” by now, but somehow I’m in love all over again!  Being able to stroll through New York’s Central Park at this time of year is the icing on the cake.

Earlier this week, I walked down stones steps…

Photo of stone steps in Central Park in the fall, taken by Joana Miranda

Along a carpet of brown and gold…

Photo of fall leaves in Central Park, taken by Joana Miranda

And was shaded by fiery reds above.

Photo of tree with red leaves, taken by Joana Miranda

Just a few blocks from where I live, the pond looked enchanted.

Photo of fall trees reflected in pond in Central Park, taken by Joana Miranda

Double-Breasted Cormorant held court on a rock…

Photo of Double-Breasted Cormorant, taken by Joana Miranda

While nearby, Narcissus the Duck studied his reflection intently.

Photo of duck looking for fish, taken by Joana Miranda

I stopped to investigate a fallen Osage Orange fruit (immediately regretting the sticky juice that oozed onto my fingers!)…

Photo of Joana with Osage Orange fruit, taken by Tom Cathey

And moved on to snap a photo of these rose hips.

Photo of rose hips, taken by Joana Miranda

Just before I crossed the street to go back home, a solitary yellow leaf caught my eye.  It was too beautiful not to photograph.

Photo of yellow leaf on the ground, taken by Joana Miranda


  1. slurryer says:

    Beautiful. The first shot is my favorite, and the wide shot of the lake! I haven’t been back to NY in so long. Looking forward to seeing more. Great captures!

    • Joana says:

      Thanks so much! I usually post my NY photos on Wednesdays (look for the “My Favorite Things…” posts.) My Friday posts will usually contain a NY picture as well. I’m in love with the city and all that it has to offer, and my photographic eye has certainly evolved since moving here. The city has also influenced my illustrations, so the two sort of go hand in hand!

      With all best wishes,

    • Joana says:

      Obrigada, Pedro!

      I sent you a message via Etsy yesterday…your package is on it’s way.[?]

      Hoje vamos ter chuva, mas talvez ainda temos mais uns semanas de dias lindas de Atum.

      Ate breve – Joana

  2. Helen Reich says:

    Beautiful pix, as always! I’m envying the maple leaves. Around here, many of the maple trees seem to have caught some sort of disease. Almost every maple leaf in my neighborhood has several large black spots. I’m guessing it’s some sort of fungal disease. Most disconcerting.

    • Joana says:

      From our apartment, we’re beginning to be able to see across Central Park. During the summer and early fall we can’t, but with the leaves coming down, the view starts to emerge. Sort of sad, but that’s life!

      Ciao – Joana

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