• Joana says:

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks so much for nominating my blog! I’d love to see the post you mentioned, but haven’t been able to access your blog. Can you send me a link?

      With all best wishes,

  1. Sam Flowers says:

    Oh dear – all this time I have been commenting on people’s blogs I have provided them with a link to an old website of mine that I no longer use! If you click on my name for this post it will take you now to my blog. I promise!

    • Joana says:

      Hi Sam,

      I tried your site again this morning and was able to see it and leave a comment. Thanks so much for the Liebster Award nomination and for following my blog! One question – how do you know how many subscribers a blogger has? I follow several blogs that I’d nominate for the award, but I think they have well over 200 subscribers. I’d like to find some “newbies” to nominate…

      Have a great weekend! Joana

      • Sam Flowers says:

        I’m pleased the link worked Joana, eventually!

        It is not always clear how many subscribers particular blogs have – some will state on their home-page that they have x followers while other blogs will not share that information. I have tried looking on WordPress to see if they have any rankings/stats for blogs but could not see any.

        Have a great weekend too.

        • Joana says:

          Hi Sam,

          That’s what I thought, too, but was wondering since the Liebstar blog award seems to be honoring people with fewer than 200 subscribers. Oh well, guess that just makes my life easier as I poke around looking for blogs!

          Ciao! Joana

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