I have a confession to make.  I’m not a dog person.  In fact, I’m a little scared of dogs.  Imagine my surprise recently, when I found myself tempted by the chihuahas, pugs and other small dogs in a pet shop window in the The Village.  Maybe New Yorkers and their dogs are beginning to wear off on me!

I’ve seen dogs big enough to ride…

Photo of New Yorker with Great Dane, taken by Joana Miranda

Curious giants…

Photo of St. Bernard checking out little terrier, taken by Joana Miranda

And coordinated pairs.

Photo of two little terriers, taken by Joana Miranda

Some dogs look sad…

Photo of Dalmatian, taken by Joana Miranda

While others look mad.

Photo of bulldog, taken by Joana Miranda

They travel in packs…

Photo of dogs waiting to be walked, taken by Joana Miranda

Or go it solo in a stroller.

Photo of terrier in a stroller, taken by Joana Miranda

Some look like their owners…

Photo of woman in black walking her black poodle, taken by Joana Miranda

Others make their own fashion statements!

Photo of woman walking 3 little terriers in striped sweaters, taken by Joana Miranda

What kind of dog would I get if I could?  Hmmm, the verdict’s still out, but this is today’s favorite!

Photo of cute King Charles dog, taken by Tom Cathey

(Photo above courtesy of my artist and photographer friend, Tom Cathey.  Check out his wonderful and fun blog, here.)


    • Joana says:

      Ooh, I’d be scared of those dogs…and dogs KNOW when you’re scared!

      Joana (a.k.a scaredy cat)

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