My Favorite Things, New York

My Favorite Things – Holiday Window Peeping on the Upper West Side

After playing the Nutcracker matinee at Lincoln Center today, I walked the 31 blocks home with my camera in hand, and saw…

Sumptuously decorated apartment lobbies…

Photo of two Christmas trees in Upper West Side apartment building lobby, taken by Joana Miranda

Wine boutiques, where even the bottles were outfitted festively…

Photo of Pour Wine store on Upper West Side, taken by Joana Miranda

The three Magi…

Photo of Three Magi dolls in apothecary Christmas display on Broadway, taken by Joana Miranda


Photo of elfin-like dolls in apothecary Christmas display window on Broadway, taken by Joana Miranda

A girl in red…

Photo of Christmas doll with red dress and tree hat, taken by Joana Miranda

And two carolers.

Photo of two caroling dolls in Christmas display window on Broadway, taken by Joana Miranda

This store had a little of everything…

Photo of crazy accessory store window on Broadway, taken by Joana Miranda

While next door at Carmine’s, the mood was a bit more refined.

Photo of Carmine's restaurant, taken by Joana Miranda

Christmas in New York is certainly a magical time.  Happy Holidays!

Photo of beautiful Upper West Side apartment lobby decorated for Christmas, taken by Joana Miranda


    • Muchas gracias, Helen!

      I’ve decided I need to learn Spanish, since so many people in NY speak it. Our doorman, Eduardo, is excited and is teaching me a word or two whenever I go in and out of the building. The frustrating thing is that Spanish is so close to Portuguese. I understand already a lot of Spanish, but wrapping my lips around the words (not to mention my brain) seems like unlearning Portuguese.

      Anyway, Hasta manana! 🙂 Joana

  1. You capture some of the best parts of NYC, shining a light on the beautiful aspects of the city. Thanks for sharing all of that with us!

    • My pleasure, Pam. I try to take my camera with me whenever I go out, although sometimes I’m in a hurry or am lazy and don’t want to carry it. Of course, those are ALWAYS the times I see something really fabulous!

      Hope you are having a nice holiday season!
      🙂 Joana

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