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My Favorite Things – Hanging Out at Tom and Don’s Apartment (With Their Many Friends!)

As many of you know, my good friends Tom and Don have a fabulous bird’s-eye view apartment overlooking Central Park.  They generously invite new and old friends alike to share in the views and conversation, and to savor Tom’s wonderful cooking.    You wouldn’t think such a small apartment could contain so many people, but I’ve compiled a slide show of the “regulars” so that you can get to know them, too:

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    • They certainly do have great taste…and a fabulous zest for life and new experiences. I always have fun with them wherever we go and whatever we do!

      All best wishes,

    • Hi Tillie,

      Tom talks about you so much, I feel like I know you already! Thanks for stopping by my blog:-)

  1. I miss you and Don and the apartment. I’m hoping for another visit after long. I’m not at all surprised by your wonderful company (including ceramics, puppetry, etc. in the form of people). I had until I left N.Y. a Lanvin doll (don’t want to know what it was worth) who was a regular on my mantle and a Pottery head form which I used for wigs, in the day. Story goes that I left it in haste, leaving NY. Bruce ran a garage sale and when it didn’t sell he ditched it in the “garbagggge”. A man saw him outside a day later and asked if he still wanted to sell the ceramic head. The guy told him it was worth thou

    • Hi Jill,

      I think you meant to leave your comment on Tom’s blog. In any case, I forwarded it to him, and thank you anyway for stopping by to see my post about Tom and Don!

      With all best wishes,

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