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My Favorite Things – Artistic Graffiti

My collection of photographs of artistic graffiti seen around New York City seems to keep growing.  I’m fascinated by graffiti with a message, with compelling graphics, or with a touch of whimsy. While I DON’T approve of the graffiti scrawled in the subway stops (it galls me to see the garbage scrawled on the station walls when the MTA workers have just finished repainting!), I do like this kind of graffiti.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, though, so you be the judge and see if you think these 8 images make the grade.

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  1. Helen Reich says

    Looks like you and your pal Tom think alike! Great pix from both of you today.

    • Yes, we do admire and learn from each other. I showed him how to put a slideshow on his blog, then realized that it made my life easier sometimes, too!

      But Tom is still much braver and outgoing when it comes to approaching strangers and asking to “shoot” them. 🙂


  2. Joana, I get so many compliments on your necklace! Almost every time I wear it someone remarks on it and asks about the meaning. People seem to find it quite fascinating. Thank-you once again!

    • Hi Pam,

      I’m so delighted to hear that you continue to get compliments on the necklace! You can tell people that it came from a friend who was at a bit of a cross-roads in her life, and that you’ve helped this friend to find the courage to move forward and embrace each new opportunity! (And that’s the truth.)

      I heard recently that Zvi is retiring. I didn’t realize that he was still teaching! I contributed a short memory for his memory book. Are you going to go to his recital and reception?

      Meanwhile, life has gotten more hectic these days. I’m playing quite a bit with NYCB, and will be also going out to Brooklyn during the month of Feb. for rehearsals/performances of two operas with NYC Opera.

      And somewhere in there, Josephine needs my attention!

      Ciao – Joana

      • Hi Joana, I knew that you would be busy playing in NY! It didn’t really take too long either! Word gets around when a good musician turns up.

        I didn’t know that Zvi was retiring. There will be a big hoopla, I’m sure. No, I won’t be there. I am rarely at Eastman. We just got tickets for a concert at the Jazz Festival though so I’ll be there in June!

        • Hi Pam,

          I just finished reworking Act II of one of the two (very much lesser favorite) operas I’ll be rehearsing this coming week. The other opera is a classic, so at least it will balance out this “gem.”

          I bet the jazz festival at ESM is great. Is it all professionals, or a mix with students? I’ve only stopped back at Eastman once since I graduated. It was in the dead of summer, so everything felt very different from what I remembered. Someday I’d like to visit again when school is in session…

          Hope you have a great week! Joana

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