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A Retro Way to Say I’m Thinking of You…

Whimsical illustration "Josephine Reached Out", by Joana Miranda

(Whimsical “I like when we connect!” greeting card now available at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy)


    • Hi Nina,

      For a long time I had my cell phone ring programmed to ring like an old phone (we got rid of our land line though a long time ago.) But now that I have a different cell phone, I don’t have that option and I miss it.

      Isn’t it funny how seeing the cord coming out of the phone really helps to convey a sense of “connection” ? I really don’t think we connect to others the same way with cell phones…too easy to be walking around or doing something other than just sitting and listening.

      🙂 Joana

      • i keep my corded phone in the kitchen so i can tuck it between my ear and shoulder and talk to mom while i do dishes!

        • Nice! I usually talk to my mom on my long (cordless) walks down Central Park West. Not exactly quiet, but I get my exercise in while I talk with her, and she gets to hear some of NYC life in the background. Honk, beep, #$#!$%!!!…etc.[?]


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