My Favorite Things – Very Little People with Very Big Personalities

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that brighten my day.  For example,

I spied this spot of red with mittens a swingin’ in Central Park…

Photo of little toddler with red coat, mittens and pink pants, by Joana Miranda

And, around the corner on Columbus Avenue, her soul mate in blue!  Maybe their paths will cross?

Photo of little boy in blue parka with swinging mittens, taken by Joana Miranda

This one seemed oblivious to the attention she was attracting…

Photo of little girl in pink hat and pink striped top and pants, taken by Joana Miranda

While these tikes were more concerned with just getting there!

Photo of nanny pushing wagon with six tots, taken by Joana Miranda

If you can stand 11 more seconds of cuteness, make sure you take a look at this video…



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2 responses to “My Favorite Things – Very Little People with Very Big Personalities

  1. la mammma

    oh hilarious! What a lovely post, that last picture is priceless!

    • Hi Ma,

      Glad you liked that post. I actually got several more pictures of the little pink “jail-bird”, including one of her from the front looking up at me quizzically. After I took that picture, I actually showed it to her on the camera screen. She looked at it and then at me seemingly blankly for about 30 seconds or so, but then said “picture!” That connection must have tickled her because she lit up with smiles for me and waved at me while saying “bye bye!”

      Love, J

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