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Friday’s Thought – The Illusion of Reality

Photo of NY City skyline reflected in the water, taken by Joana Miranda

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.  

(Albert Einstein)


    • Thanks, Ma! Maybe I’ll enlarge and frame it… we need some more “art” for our bedroom.

      Love, J

    • Obrigado, Pedro!

      Did I tell you that I’m learning Spanish? Since so many people in NY speak Spanish, I figure I should “join the club.” While I can already understand mucho/muito, I am completely tongue-tied since I naturally want to fall back on my Portuguese.

      Se calhar, vou acabar por ficar completamente confuso em ambos!;-)

      Ciao – Joana

      • Hi Joana,
        In Portugal there are many people who think that speaks Spanish but they only speak Portuguese with a Spanish accent.
        It is a mixture of Portuguese with Spanish and we call it “Portanhol”.
        Metade português, metade espanhol.
        Almost as bad as my english :)))))

        • Ola Pedro,

          From what I can tell, your English is very good (better than my written Portuguese for sure.) In my progress with Spanish, I’m definitely still a “Portanhol” speaker at this point, since my Spanish vocabulary is limited to very “important” phrases such as “The little girl eats an apple” and “The fish swims.” Hopefully, that will change soon. [?]

          Ciao, Adios, Adeus! Joana

    • Thanks, Helen.

      I actually published the photo upside down…which somehow made it look even more atmospheric. (The original photo showed the city reflected upside down in the water.) Funny what our brains do, eh?

      Ciao – Joana

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