Puppy Love – Whimsical Gouche and Ink Illustration by Joana Miranda

Puppy Love - Whimsical gouache and ink illustration by Joana Miranda

(Now available at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy)


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4 responses to “Puppy Love – Whimsical Gouche and Ink Illustration by Joana Miranda

  1. Helen Reich

    Inspired by Fashion Week? I see you had a little time to attend! Just got back from a vacation on St. John…..luckily, I have the rest of the week off to vacation from my vacation. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple months!

    • Hi Helen,

      Actually, I missed the entire fashion week since I was schlepping out to Brooklyn so much. My friend Tom took lots of photos of Fashion Week, though, so you can preview all the latest new looks on his blog.

      St. John sounds lovely! Was this a solo vacation or did you go with a friend? A vacation sounds perfect just about now.

      I, too, am looking forward to seeing you soon! Ciao – Joana

  2. Helen Reich

    I’ve seen all of Tom’s photos, and included among them was one that looked just like you! Maybe it was from last year? He was shooting pix of photographers.

    I went to St. John with a friend…..I went to Hawaii with her 2 years ago. This time, I discovered qualities in her personality that I found very disageeable! So, no more traveling with her. That said, we really did cover a lot of ground, did many spectacular things. It was just more stressful for me than I would have wanted.

    • Hi Helen,

      Yes, that picture on Tom’s blog was probably of me. Sometimes he throws in a random picture, or makes up stories to go along with his photos. Recently, he posted pictures of an outing to a restaurant, and described each entree he photographed as if he had ordered and eaten it. Since I know that he always splits 1 entree with Don, that one didn’t fly with me;-)

      So sorry to hear that there were some elements of stress in your trip. People change – sometimes not for the better – but maybe a 3rd trip would be the charm with your friend?

      I’m off to play another opera tonight…have to clean the housie first.

      Ciao – Joana

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