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My Favorite Things – The First Signs of Spring

I know it’s early, but because of the unusually warm winter we’ve been having this year, I’m already EXPECTING to see the first buds and flowers of spring.  Walking home along Central Park West today, I wasn’t disappointed either.

From unfurling buds, both green…

Buds on a tree in Central Park, photo taken by Joana Miranda

And yellow…

Yellow and green stalk of flowers, photo taken by Joana Miranda

To fields of Snow Bells…

Photo of snow bells, taken by Joana Miranda

The occasional daffodil…

Photo of single daffodil taken by Joana Miranda

Clusters of blossoms in the bushes…

Photo of cluster of buds on a bush, taken by Joana Miranda

And wild flowers raising their heads…

White wild flowers, photo taken by Joana Miranda

I’m thinking that spring really isn’t too far away! (This little chickadee certainly hopes so…)

Photo of chickadee, taken by Joana Miranda


  1. la mammmma says

    oh yes indeed, your wildflowers are Lenten roses. AKA helleborus. I have dozens, some purple, some double. I love them! Your pix are great, esp the snowbells…
    xoxo la mamma

    • Hi Ma,

      I thought they might be after you mentioned that you had some blooming in your garden. Isn’t it amazing to see so many signs of spring?! I wonder if all of the plants are confused?


  2. Helen Reich says

    I think that’s a female house sparrow. Beautiful photos, as always! We don’t have this spring-like activity just yet, but I think the warm winter has caused the mousies to not want to hibernate well in their little outdoor homes. Instead, they are coming to my kitchen to see what there is to eat. The little bastards.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I thought “chickadee” was a generic term for all little birds. Maybe I was thinking “chickeepoo?”;-)

      Sorry to hear about your little mousies. Come here and stand in the subways for a while and you’ll be glad that all you have are the little mousies…I’ve never seen such BIG rats!

      🙂 Joana

  3. Helen Reich says

    Well, there’s the black-capped chickadee, and there might be others….the black capped chickadee is quite a bit smaller than a sparrow and very acrobatic. It also has a distinctive song that never fails to remind me of the coda of the last movement of Beethoven Symphony #9! All it is is a descending whole step.

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