My Favorite Things (Tuesday Edition) – Bubble Fun in Central Park

Even though I should have been at home today studiously working on a new illustration, the gorgeous weather and prospect of walking in the park with my husband and friends Tom and Don was too good to pass up.  Along the way we happened upon Bubble Man.

I was intrigued…

Photo of man blowing bubbles in Central Park, taken by Tom Cathey

And went closer for a look.  What I got was an impromptu lesson!

Photo of Bubble Man given passerby a lesson, taken by Tom Cathey

Showing great promise for a new career in bubble making (he said I was an “apt” pupil), I produced my first bubble…

Photo of Bubble Man and friend making bubbles, taken by Tom Cathey

And it kept going and going!

Joana makes a big bubble in Central park, photo taken by Tom Cathey

Mr. Bubble Man then made a bubble and told me to climb in.

Photo of Joana getting into a giant bubble in Central Park, taken by Tom Cathey

(I liked the view.)

Photo of Joana getting into a giant bubble in Central Park, taken by Tom Cathey

And off I went!

Joana disappears into the bubble, photo taken by Tom CatheyAll credit for these great pictures goes to my friend Tom.  If you want to see more of his wonderful photography, check out the post he put up on his blog of Central Park’s magnolia blossoms in full bloom!



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14 responses to “My Favorite Things (Tuesday Edition) – Bubble Fun in Central Park

  1. nina

    bravo on the bubbles! you look great

    • Thank you, Nina! My subsequent bubbles weren’t so hot after that first one. (I think I had beginner’s luck…)

      I hope you are doing great! Joana

  2. What a great post, Joana! Thanks for sharing and reminding us to stop and enjoy the things in life that can make us smile. It’s awesome to know that in the middle of the craziness that can be NYC, there is someone that can so simply bring enjoyment to so many. Brilliant!

    • Hi Barry,

      Thanks so much for your nice comment! It’s funny, but I think the sea of humanity that makes up NYC is precisely what makes it crazy on the one hand, but also so rich on the other. I’ve come across more interesting, kind and entertaining people here than anywhere else I’ve lived. That said, as part of my day-to-day survival here, I’ve also been “forced” into contact with many more people…from my vantage point, that’s been a gift.

      With all best wishes,

  3. Wow! So funny!
    I used to do this when I was a kid but I’ve never done one that big 🙂
    Ciao Joana,

    • Ola Pedro,

      You can probably make your own giant bubble sticks. Bubble Man’s were just two bamboo-looking sticks with a rope joining each one. The trick, he said, was to raise the sticks as high as possible while opening them (with the wind behind you.) Also, the soap solution was dish detergent and distilled water. I guess the distilled water is key.

      Maybe you can make a bubble big enough to fit you and Teresa and you can float over to NY to visit!

      Ate ja – Joana

  4. Helen Reich

    I hear you’re pretty talented at sailing, too!

    • Sailing? Hmmm, that I’ve never done…only once steered a catamaran. Why? Will it be sailing weather in Milwaukee when I’m there?

      🙂 Joana

      • Helen Reich

        No, but Alvarez sung your praises after you steered said catamaran….it’s not that easy, you know!

        • Hmmm, I didn’t really think I was doing anything terribly difficult since I was still out pretty far from shore. But I suppose I could have capsized us, or hit a whale;-)

          Have you been out sailing this spring? The weather has been spectacular here. This week is supposed to be back to “normal” temps, though, which is actually a relief. Last week we even hit 80!

          Ciao – Joana

          • Helen Reich

            Nah, nobody’s boat is in the water yet, and it is returning to cooler temps, but still warmer than normal. Even if people were already sailing, I’ve been frightfully busy. When I have time and favorable conditions, I’m trying to clean up the garden some, and it’s proceeding at snail’s pace.

            • Hi Helen,

              It’s turned cooler – more seasonal, really – here, too. I brought in my pedestal pot of pansies last night since the forecast was for temps as low as 29 degrees. I don’t think it got that low, though. When I checked the lows for the coming week, it said that it would only get as cold as the low 40s. So I’m safe to put the pansies back out on the balcony, right?

              Bought my ticket to Mke this a.m. It’s really happening….

              🙂 Joana

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