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My Favorite Things – New Yorkers With Colorful Hair

Maybe it’s a 2012 Spring trend (take a look at the 2012 Pantone Color Trend forecast here), or just the spirit of Easter, but I’ve been seeing a lot of colorful tresses around New York City recently!

This Cabernet hue caught my eye (for an especially rich look, make sure you pair with orange or yellow)…

Photo of woman with pink hair on street in NYC, taken by Joana Miranda

As did this Cockatoo shade in Midtown.

Photo of Asian woman with teal-colored hair in Midtown Manhattan, taken by Joana Miranda

In the Bronx, Tangerine Tango was “de rigueur”…

Photo of woman with rich "Tangerine Tango" colored hair walking in the Bronx, taken by Joana Miranda

But Solar Power also seemed popular – perhaps this was the start of a hair color intervention convention?

Photo of two women with brightly colored hair in a Bronx doorway, taken by Joana Miranda

Meanwhile, this young girl aptly illustrated the power of primary colors (photo courtesy of my friend Tom)…

Photo of young girl with yellow hair and blue hair bow, taken by Tom Cathey

(While these Lavender tresses were a “spring must-have” against the yellow of the Forsythia!)

Photo of woman with lavender hair walking against yellow forsythia bushes, taken by Joana Miranda

Finally, in Times Square, I spied a shocking shock of Kelly Green.  

Photo of man in Times Square with green mohawk, taken by Joana Miranda

With so many shades to choose from, what will be your hue?

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