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My Favorite Things – A City Reflects

Recently, before leaving the city for an out-of-town music business trip, I went on an outing with my friends Tom and Don to the Wall Street area of lower Manhattan.  The day was overcast and cool, and I wondered if I would see anything worth photographing.  With so many towering modern office buildings, this area tends to feel imposing, hectic and perhaps a little less welcoming.  However, I soon found myself mesmerized by the reflections I saw around me.  Softened this way, Wall Street appears far more gentle, inviting and even poetic.   I saw:

Old architecture reflected in the new…

Reflection of stone Art Deco building in sky scraper, taken by Joana Miranda

The Woolworth Building in the distance…

Photo of skyscraper reflections, taken by Joana Miranda

A deconstructed version of an otherwise imposing post office building…

Photo of skyscraper reflections, taken by Joana Miranda

A few green things competing for space in this concrete and glass jungle…

Photo of skyscraper reflections, taken by Joana Miranda

Beautiful striations of light and dark seeming to undulate before my eyes…

Photo of skyscraper reflections, taken by Joana Miranda

The eerie reflection of a passing plane…

Photo of skyscraper reflections, taken by Joana Miranda

And, nearby, St. Paul’s Chapel (headquarters of relief efforts in the days and weeks following the tragic events of 9/11).

Photo of skyscraper reflections, taken by Joana Miranda

In closing, I’d just like to say…

Photo of skyscraper reflections, taken by Joana Miranda

It was a day of fun and reflection!


    • Hi Pam,

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to getting back to NY since I’ve been “camera-less” here in Milwaukee (and also without my drafting table and printer/scanner!) But Josephine seems to be unfazed by all of these inconveniences…

      How are you? Did you hear the news about Mr. Zeitlin passing away? That seemed eerie to me since he just gave his final recital and retired only weeks ago. I wonder if he hadn’t retired if he would have made it another 10 years to 100?

      🙂 Joana

      • Yes I did hear about Mr. Zeitlin. I posted it on FB, but strangely I haven’t seen any other postings. (?) He came down with pneumonia – and I suppose there is something in what you say… because after a period of intense activity one’s immune system is down a bit. It doesn’t take much to overcome an elderly person in that situation, and pneumonia is a very common cause of death in elderly folks. So…if he hadn’t played the recital and retired…YES! I think he would have lived to 100!!! Actually didn’t he already retire once or twice? It just didn’t stick previously. 🙂

        I just got back from visiting friends and relatives in Florida, and I’m about to launch an Etsy site. Ha – about to. That’s as in ‘any month now’.

        I’m glad to see that you have some brushes with you in Milwaukee!

        • Hi Pam,

          Hmmm, I didn’t realize that Mr. Z had actually tried retirement before. When I went to Eastman, I remember that by my junior year he was supposed to taking his “last” freshman class. Obviously, that didn’t happen!

          Hurry up and open your Etsy shop! I wanna see it! I assume this will be for your jewelry and not for the furniture?

          Tonight I play with the MSO at Carnegie. I think it will be a good concert. The program is interesting (Messaien, Debussy and a Chinese piece by a man named Chen) and the two weeks of preview concerts in Milwaukee went well. The orchestra is sounding very good under Edo De Waart, and this trip has done a lot to boost the morale of the group.

          I’m still very glad I live in NY…;-)


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