Jo’s Journey: A Somewhat-Irreverent Guide for Doing Anything Better

Chapter 2 – The 4 c’s (or How to Effectively Resolve Conflict)

Josephine might not look like she knows much about conflict resolution; after all, her little canine friend André is her only companion!  But even an easy-going, cheerful and well-adjusted girl like Josephine faces challenges every now and then.

Whimsical illustration of dog chewing on Manolo Blahnik bootie, by Joana Miranda

As a result, she  knows a thing or two about the 4 c’s (and I’m not talking diamonds here!) 

In Josephine’s book the 4 c’s are: 






Compassion means giving the other person the benefit of the doubt.  It means understanding that people have a reason for what they do even if that reason isn’t readily apparent.

Clarity comes as a result of having compassion.

Compromise means having the maturity to see that if you both benefit, you’ll both be happier. (It doesn’t mean giving up on your hopes, dreams and ideals…or your Manolos!)

Communication becomes a lot easier when the other 3 c’s are in place.

Whimsical illustration of Josephine hugging her little dog Andre, by Joana Miranda

‘nough said?


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