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My Favorite Things – Graffiti Served Up Brooklyn Style

Living in Manhattan, I see lots of graffiti in the subway stations, on mailboxes and on passing trucks.  However, this graffiti often feels “incidental” – more the outcome of a hurried prank than anything else – and as such, it’s usually not worth more than a passing glance.   Manhattan might be the sexier place to live, but I’ve decided that Brooklyn definitely has a leg up in the graffiti department.

Witness these urban treasures I happened upon recently near the Lorimer St. subway stop:

A memorial for Twitch and JRock.  I don’t know who they were, but I’ll remember this!

Photo of man sitting in front of wall with graffiti in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, taken by Joana Miranda

Matryoshka dolls, Williamsburg style…

Photo of Russian themed "Baboushka" graffiti on wall in Brooklyn, taken by Joana Miranda

Feeling watched?

Photo of graffiti with "eyeballs" seen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; photo by Joana Miranda

A better use for guns in my opinion, too.

Photo of pacifistic graffiti on wall in Brooklyn, NY, taken by Joana Miranda

I don’t know where he’s going, but I feel the heat!

Photo of "infernal" graffiti art in Brooklyn, NY, taken by Joana Miranda


    • Muito obrigada, Pedro.

      Tivemos grande calor aqui agora. Por isso, it’s been hard to get outside to take pictures. Amanha ate vai fazer ainda mais calor – they’re predicting temperatures of 99 farenheit! Ai meu Deus! I hope it’s cooler in Obidos for you guys.:-)


    • Thanks, Helen!

      Tonight’s picture could have gone in my Brooklyn graffiti post, but I decided to “serve it up” with a funny Orville Redenbacher quote instead. 🙂 Enjoy!


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