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My Favorite Things – A Visit to Mrs. London’s Bakery in Saratoga Springs, NY

Being back in Saratoga Springs, NY means that I get to go and have a treat at Mrs. London’s Bakery and Cafe.  This year, thanks to a generous gift certificate from my mom, I’ve gone several times!

Known probably as much for its breads and sandwiches…

Photo of brioche bread at Mrs. London's Bakery in Saratoga, Springs, NY, taken by Joana Miranda

As its delectable cakes…

Photo of pretty cakes at Mrs. London's Bakery, taken by Joana Miranda

(How can I choose just one?)

Photo of pretty ladyfinger cake at Mrs. London's Bakery, taken by Joana Miranda

And desserts…

Photo of parfaits and desserts at Mrs. London's Bakery in Saratoga Springs, NY, taken by Joana Miranda

The charming ambiance makes this the place to bring your friends (for those balletomanes out there, you’ll recognize New York City Ballet dancer Christian Tworzyanski).

Photo of Christian Tworzyanski, taken by Joana Miranda

At Mrs. London’s you’ll always be greeted by friendly help…

Waitress at Mrs. London's Bakery, photo by Joana Miranda

And your selection…

Photo of fruit tart at Mrs. London's Bakery, taken by Joana Miranda

Will be served up with a whole lotta love!

Photo of coffee with heart foam, taken by Joana Miranda


  1. Hi Joana,
    I’m not to gourmand (is this the word for “guloso”?) but all the cakes look fantastic.
    The bread in the background, in the first picture looks delicious.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Ola Pedro,

      Nao sei se guloso e bem o equivalent de “gourmet.” Gourmet tem um bocadinho o sentido de ter o nariz no ar e gostos refinados (apinocados?), but it doesn’t usually mean “greedy.” When I used Google Translate for “guloso” one of the first translations was greedy. Hmmmm…

      Afinal, o que foi gostoso foi de ter boa comida com boa companhia! 🙂

      Aqui em pouco vou visitar os pais com o meu marido. Tambem na casa dos pais vao estar la uma prima Portuguesa que vive agora em Bruxelles, e outra prima Portuguesa que vive agora em California. Por isso, preciso praticar o meu Portugues!


  2. drool, drool, drool. Over it all, Christian and waitress included. Only my favorite patisserie in the whole US of A. I can smell it from here (the bread and cakes, I mean).

    • Hi Ma,

      We still have $13 left of the gift certificate, so tomorrow Andy and I will go back for coffee and a pastry…a nice way to celebrate the “almost-end” of the festival.

      I’ve had a great time, but the schedule is intense and I’m feeling a little tired. Today we perform Jeux de Cartes and Brahms-Schoenberg Piano Quartet in the afternoon and then come back in the evening to do Romeo and Juliet.

      Love you, J

  3. I love everything, but in particular that first photo of the tall loaf of bread. Great post!

    • Hi Sara,

      Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog! The goodies at Mrs. London’s are really first rate. Maybe it’s a good thing that I live 3 1/2 hours away from Saratoga during the year… otherwise, I might be tempted to indulge a little more than is healthy!

      🙂 Joana

    • Hi there,

      Yes, Mrs. London’s IS fantastic…fresh ingredients, homemade and truly delicious. Writing about them right now makes me crave one of their chocolate croissants! Mmmmm…


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