Friday’s Thought – From the Angel’s Angle

Photo of frieze of angel on the side of a New York City Deco building, taken by Joana Miranda

“Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly.”
(G. K. Chesterton)



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2 responses to “Friday’s Thought – From the Angel’s Angle

  1. Hi Joanna, I am catching up on your blog posts. I am starting to get to know and get somewhat attached to Josephine. She has many personas and they are all interesting and fun. Looking forward to more. I am thinking after reading the Angel post that it is not only taking yourself lightly, but taking things that occur lightly. Not to hold life too preciously.

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thanks so much for your comment! Josephine keeps me inspired and growing…she’s a reminder to me to not only follow my dreams, but to be the best person I can be (and yes, that means holding my own beliefs lightly, and taking life as it comes. 🙂

      Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

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