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Time Out – Whimsical Marker Illustration by Joana Miranda

Whimsical Marker Illustration "Time Out" by Joana Miranda


(Whimsical illustration now available at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy).


  1. I really like your new marker style for Josephine. I am really impressed at how fast you adapt to a new medium. Congratulations to both you and Josephine!

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for the comment (which, as you can see, I did get.) 🙂 I’m having a lot of fun with the markers. I think they suit my “detail-oriented” personality (nothing like a little positive spin…)

      I’ll be calling you later this afternoon to see if we can figure out your new WordPress issues.

      Ciao for now – Joana

    • Muchas gracias, Helen!

      Today I’m going to work on creating some friends for Josephine. Of course, Andre is her No. 1, but I’ve got some other ideas up my sleeve (or in my pen?)

      Hope you are doing great – Joana

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