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My Favorite Things – Eat Your Fruits and Veggies (Farm Stand Style)

When I visit my parents in NH, it seems that my mom goes almost every day to her favorite farm stand in Vermont for local, farm-fresh produce.  At a half hour drive from the cottage, Killdeer Farm Stand is not exactly convenient.  However, boil, saute, or merely eat these veggies and fruits raw in a salad, and you’ve got a gourmet meal in no time flat.

This summer, we ate…

Potatoes mashed up with salt cod (bacalhau) in a traditional Portuguese salt-cod fritters recipe (Pasteis de Bacalhau)…

Photo of green beans and potatoes at Killdeer Farm Stand, Vt, photo taken by Joana Miranda


Squash at Killdeer Farm Stand, VT; photo taken by Joana Miranda

And zucchini finely julienned and sauteed with butter (divine!)…

Photo of fresh zucchini at Killdeer Farm Stand, VT; photo by Joana Miranda

Tomatoes atop a homemade pesto pizza…

Photo of cherry tomatoes at Killdeer Farm Stand, VT; photo taken by Joana Miranda

Corn on the cob (sans butter for us purists)…

Buckets of fresh farm-grown corn on the cob at Killdeer Farm Stand, VT; photo by Joana Miranda

And more fresh fruit than I’ve eaten all year in New York City!

Photo of peaches and blackberries at Killdeer Farm Stand, VT; photo taken by Joana Miranda

Who did all the cooking?  My Ma.  She’s also a very talented potter.  When she isn’t potting, cooking or being a hostess to all of us, she multi-tasks by swimming and gardening at the same time.

Photo of my mom swimming and watering one of her plants at the same time, taken by my sister, Marta.

(The above photo was taken by my sister, Marta.)

This is the life!


  1. Hi – Pretty and refreshing summer post. To be treasured because soon gone. I love the recipe for the salt cod cakes. I’m taking it with me to Arlington tomorrow and maybe Irene and I can try it out. if not I intend to. Thanks Yumm!

  2. Well, glad you had a good time, so did we!! it was a memorable visit, all around, a memorable summer, too. I am almost through my summer repertory of meals, the one left – eggplant parmesan- will be lonely for obvious reasons. And we are OUT OF VODKA!

    • Hi Ma,

      Soon it will be just you dois gatos. I think you should go out for dinner and celebrate a job well done:-) By the way, thank you for not making eggplant Parmesan.

      By the way, now that you won’t have as many mouths to feed, or corn to shuck, you should really try out the microwave corn cooking method.

      Love, J

  3. Aren’t farm markets the best? So much variety this tie of year! I’ve been buying Door County peaches, which seem to be the only good ones this year.

    • Hi Helen,

      We have a farmers market near our neighborhood Whole Foods (talk about gilding the lily!), but I think tomorrow I’ll investigate the bigger one near the Museum of Natural History. I’m hoping that they’ll have some plants – maybe a mum or two. I have an empty pot of dirt that needs a flower since I killed the hyacinth Tom gave me. (Not on purpose, course!)

      Ciao – Joana

  4. Joana, thank you so much for referencing the salt cod fritter recipe on my site. I consider it an honor! BTW, you photos are gorgeous.

    • Hi David,

      You’re very welcome! We’re big fans of yours – my parents gave us your cookbook and have given it to several other family members as well. And when I followed your “tweeted” advice on tasting the bacalhau during the soaking process, I ended up with the best Bacalhau a Ze do Pipo I’d ever made.

      By the way, today my husband and I tried the sandwiches at City Sandwich in NYC. My husband and I split the “Nuno” and the “Chef” so that we could have the best of both worlds – Morcela and Bacalhau. They were delicious and I’ll post my photos later this week.

      With all best wishes,

      • Joana, we HAVE to get together when I’m in the city. (I’m in CT a lot these days.) Did you know the “Nuno” is named after my photographer and friend Nuno Correia? He and the owner of City Sandwich are great friends.

        And I’m so glad you had the best Bacalhau a Ze do Pipo! (If you’d be so kind, I’d love a copy of your recipe for it.)


        • Ola David,

          What a small world! Nuno Correia’s photography is fabulous – I drool just looking at the pictures – and, yes, I’d love to get together when you come to the city!

          The Bacalhau a Ze do Pipo recipe I use is from Maria de Lourdes Modesto’s cookbook Cozinha Tradicional Portuguesa. The only modification I do is to use the mayonnaise recipe in Jean Anderson’s The Food of Portugal, since I think it has a little more character.

          In case you don’t have it, here is Maria de Lourdes’ recipe (my Portuguese practice for the day – and pardon the lack of accents since I haven’t figured out how to insert them):

          Bacalhau a Ze do Pipo – para 4 pessoas

          * 1 lombo de bacalhau
          * 1 litro de leite
          * 2 cebolas medias
          * 4 colheres de sopa de azeite
          * 1 folha de louro
          * sal e pimenta
          * 1 tigela de maionese (feita com 2 gemas e 4 dl de azeite)
          * 750 g de batas em pure
          * azeitonas pretas

          Depois de bem demolhado, corta-se o bacalhau em postas. Leva-se a cozer come o leite. Entretanto, picam-se as cebolas e levam-se a estalar com o azeite, o louro, sal e pimenta e um pouco do leite de cozer o bacalhau. A cebola deve ficar branca e macia e nunca loura. Depois de cozido, escorre-se o bacalhau e coloca-se num recipiente de barro ou, o que e preferivel, cada posta num recipiente de barro individual. Deita-se a cebola sobre as postas de baclhau, que depois se cobrem completamente com a maionese. Contorna-se com o pure de batata passado pela seringa ou saco e leva-se a gratinar. Enfeita-se com azeitonas pretas. Receita de uma celebre casa de pasto que existiu no Porto a cujo propretario davam o nome de Ze do Pipo. Embora levando maionese, esta receita faz parte da culinaria tradicional do Porto.

          Jean Anderson’s Mayonnaise:

          With a food processor or blender, this intensely olive-flavored mayonnaise is easy to make. Stored tightly covered in the refrigerator, it will keep well for about a week. Use as you would any mayonnaise.

          Makes about 1 1/2 cups

          1 1/2 teaspoons dry mustard
          1/2 teaspoon salt
          1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
          1 tablespoon lemon juice
          1 tablespoon cider vinegar
          2 tablespoons half-and-half cream
          2 large egg yolks
          1 1/3 cups olive oil

          Place the mustard, salt, cayenne, lemon juice, vinegar, cream, and egg yolks in an electric blender cup or a food processor fitted with the metal chopping blade. Snap the motor on and off several times just to blend the ingredients. Now, with the motor running, add the olive oil in a very fine stream, pausing now and then to scrape down the blender cup or work bowl sides with a rubber spatula. Continue adding the olive oil, still in a fine stream, churning all the while, until all the oil has been incorporated. Now buzz 30 seconds nonstop. Transfer the mayonnaise to a 1-pint jar with a tight-fitting lid and store in the refrigerator.

          Ciao –

          • Thanks for this! You have my email, so don’t hesitate to write me I’m away until 8/29, but I’d love to meet.

  5. Gil Miranda says

    Hi Jemoona,

    Great blog. I wish Killdeer Farm Stand would see it.

    This summer we have been selling great. Mom has sold numerous pieces. I sold a couple of pieces that had been waiting for years: a swivel ring with a narwal ivory scarab I had carved; a pair of fish earrings; a beautiful jade pendant (to Paulinha, it fit her beautifully); and today two necklaces, one of rubies and gold, with a dancing pendant in the shape of a bell with a tourmaline clapper.

    Cannot complain,

    Love – Pa

    • Hi Pa,

      Congrats on yet more jewelry sales! Yay! Andy and I went to a new place for lunch today and we thought of you. The chef is Italian but has worked in Lisbon for many years. His sandwiches are divine and would be right up your ally. The next time you come to NYC, we’ll go there together.


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