My Favorite Things – A Date with My Husband at City Sandwich, NYC

There’s nothing like having a Friday afternoon free to go on a date with your husband.  Do it in New York City and you’ll have no end of things to do, places to go and food to eat.  Ever since I heard about City Sandwich from both a colleague and one of my Portuguese relatives, I’ve been wanting to try it out.

In the busy Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, this tiny restaurant is unassuming but cheery from the outside.

City Sandwich in Hell's Kitchen, NYC; photo taken by Joana Miranda

Step inside, and you’re likely to find choosing just one sandwich off the board very difficult.  Coming from an Italian-born, New York-raised chef who fell in love with and worked in Portugal, the menu is a reflection of the best of these cuisines.  

Sandwich menu at City Sandwich, NYC; photo taken by Joana Miranda

(For a menu complete with pictures, take a look here.)

The servers at City Sandwich were very friendly and helpful; when I told them that I wanted one of the Portuguese sandwiches but had never tasted morcela, Chef Michael Guerrieri himself brought out a plate with two bite-sized sandwich samples for my husband and me to try.

The sample was delicious, and Chef Guerrieri and I were very happy to talk to each other in Portuguese, too!

Photo of City Sandwich Chef Guerrieri and Joana, photo taken by Andy

My husband and I ordered one “Nuno” sandwich (Portuguese Morcela, Broccoli Rabe, Tomato, Collard Greens, Melted Mozzarella, Garlic and Olive Oil) and the “Chef” sandwich (Soaked Codfish, Tomato, Seasonal Lettuce, Sauteed Onions, Capers, Black Olive Pesto, and Olive Oil). 

Photo of of the Nuno and the Chef sandwich at City Sandwich, NYC; taken by Joana Miranda

As we dug into our lunch, we asked Chef Guerrieri about his ties to Portugal.  He told us about his restaurant Mezzaluna in Lisbon, and graciously allowed us to peruse his cookbook.

Photo of Mezzaluna em Lisboa cookbook by Michael Guerrieri, photo taken by Joana Miranda

Elegant photos of the dishes are juxtaposed with the architecture and Portuguese scenery that inspired them.  (The photographer is Jean Marie del Moral.)

Two beautiful photos from Mezzaluna em Lisboa cookbook

And, how were the sandwiches?  Flavorful, totally fresh, surprisingly light and good to the last crumb.

Photo of sandwich crumbs, taken by Joana Miranda

We’ll be back!


    1. Joana

      Hi Andrea,

      Glad I whet your appetite! The photo was actually of Chef Guerrieri and me, (and not my husband – who is just as nice and nice looking!)

      Hope you are doing well – Joana

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